Cara Mudah Melihat Video di Akun Tiktok yang Diprivate

As a social media that respects the privacy of its users, Tiktok has a privacy system that allows its users to hide videos from others. But sometimes we want to know how to see the private Tiktok to watch the content without following.

This method is usually done by stalkers who want to find out about someone through their Tiktok account without having to follow that person.

If this fits your current situation. You are in the right place, here we will share how to view private Tiktok.

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How to View a Private Tiktok Account

Actually, video content that is private on Tiktok can still be watched on condition that you have to follow the account. This is the most easy and normal way on Tiktok. The method is as follows:

  • Log in the Tiktok App, and create a Tiktok account. You can’t follow someone if you only use Tiktok as a guest. So, you have to create an account with various methods such as using Google, email, Facebook, and others
  • If you already have a Tiktok account, go to the next step
  • Find the account you want to view the content for. How to click the magnifying glass icon with the text discover below it
  • Then enter the person’s account name. If you’re not sure what the details are, you can just enter the keyword. Tiktok will provide many user account suggestions that might match the keywords you entered
  • Look for the name of the account you are aiming for in the list. If the keywords you entered are correct, the account should be at the top of the recommendations from Tiktok
  • After that, click on the account and you will move to the Tiktok profile page of that account
  • As a private account, you will not be able to view videos posted by users of that account. Then just click the “Follow” button
  • After that, wait until you get approval from the account owner.

If the user approves your “follow” request, then you can immediately see the content he posted, both old and future content.

You can also start chatting with the person through the chat room just like people who already follow each other on Tiktok.

However, the method above is a normal method that some people who don’t want to be caught stalking might avoid.

To overcome this, we will also provide recommendations on how to view Tiktok in Privacy without being caught by the owner of the account being stalked. Here’s how.

1. Using a Fake Account

You can stalk other people’s Tiktok accounts without being caught by using fake accounts. The fake account referred to here is a fake account that you can create by disguising your identity.

So that later that person will not realize that behind the account is you.

So, so as not to be suspected by the account owner, you can apply the following tips:

  • Use a Typical Indonesian Name

Using a random name or a foreign name is too ‘overused’ and it is prone to suspicion that the account you are using at that time is a fake account. We recommend that you use a normal Indonesian name so that the owner of your destination account thinks you are someone else.

Also avoid using the names of those closest to you. Because apart from being prone to being caught, this method also has the potential to cause conflict between individuals. So try to use an Indonesian name that is completely foreign to your circle of friends or family.

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  • Avoid Using Profile Photos from Google

Maybe you think, searching for photos on Google to fill in a fake account profile photo is the right choice. Unfortunately, this makes your destination account even more suspicious. Especially if the photos you use are already being used by other people.

Then what is the solution? To respect the privacy of others, it is best to avoid using human photos.

You can use photos of landscapes, cartoons, or other objects that are not easily recognizable. This is safer because the owner of the private account will not be suspicious.

  • Fill in the full and clear profile description

To disguise your fake account, fill in the account description completely and clearly. This shows that your account is a real person’s account and is not made carelessly. If this is the case, it is unlikely that the account owner will be suspicious.

  • Post Multiple Videos

Filling in some videos on a fake account can make your account look like it was created a long time ago. But indeed, you should set up this account ahead of time so that you can update videos regularly. You can upload any video as long as it doesn’t violate Tiktok rules and doesn’t make you suspicious.

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2. Using Tweaktown

Creating a fake account is a hassle. Still the end result is uncertain because you still have to follow the person and wait for him to acc request.

But not to worry. For those of you who don’t want to bother creating a fake account, there is a way to view Tiktok videos in another Privacy that you can follow.

This method utilizes a website called Tweaktown. This website can help you to view your private Tiktok account without following it.

Then how? Check out the full tutorial below.

  • First, visit the Tweaktown website at
  • On the landing page, click ‘Get Started’
  • Next you have to carry out the mission given by this website as a requirement
  • Execute the mission by installing 2 applications and running them for at least 30 seconds (after that you can delete them from your smartphone)
  • After that you will get access to Tiktok++. Download this application and install it on your cellphone
  • Open the Tiktok++ application then log in using your Tiktok account
  • Look for the destination account that is being private and see, here you can already see the content he has without having to follow the account.

But keep in mind, this method is not always 100% successful. There will always be a risk of failure because until now Tiktok is always updating its security system.

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How to Privacy Tiktok Account

Well, we have discussed how to view Tiktok videos in Privacy. But, how do you keep your Tiktok account private so that everyone doesn’t see it? If you want to apply it, follow this tutorial:

  • First, open the Tiktok application on your cellphone
  • Click profile at the bottom right
  • On the profile page enter the settings mode by clicking the three dots on the top right
  • Next go to the privacy menu
  • Finally, you just have to activate the “Privacy Account”

Now your account is official as a privacy account. Only your followers can see all the content you post.

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To date, there are many ways to view Tiktok in Privacy. Unfortunately, most of them are illegal and risky.

Therefore, to view the content of a user who keeps his account private, it is better to follow the legal method by following the person normally.

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