Cara Ampuh Menghilangkan Watermark Tiktok di Telegram

Videos on Tiktok have a watermark indicating that the video is from Tiktok and belongs to a specific account. Unfortunately this watermark feels annoying when the video is downloaded. Fortunately, the watermark can be removed by removing the Tiktok watermark on Telegram.

In Telegram, you will use various bots available there.

Now there are many bots that can be used to remove video watermarks on Tiktok and download them directly.

Curious how? Check out the full discussion below.

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How to Remove Tiktok Video Watermark on Telegram

As previously explained, to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram , a bot is needed to help with this process.

Some of the best bots for removing watermarks include:

1. Tik Tok Downloader Bot (@madeinttBot)

The first way to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram is to use a bot called Tik Tok Downloader Bot or which you can find with the username @madeinttBot.

This bot is specially made to download videos on Tiktok without watermark attached.

It’s easy to download, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Tiktok app or site using your Tiktok account
  • Find videos to download without watermark
  • If you have found it, click share video and then click copy link or copy link
  • Then exit the Tiktok application and enter the Telegram application
  • Click the search field and search for Tik Tok Downloader Bot. you can directly type in the username @madeinttbot for a faster search
  • Click Tik Tok Downloader Bot that appears in the list of search results
  • After entering the bot page, click Start or you can also submit /Start to get started
  • After that paste the link that you copied earlier in the column provided below
  • Wait for the system to process the link. If the link is correct, a thumbnail of the video will appear
  • After that the system will automatically download the video and the results can be saved without a watermark
  • You can see the results of the download from Tik Tok Downloader Bot directly in the HP gallery.

2. HK TikTok DL (@HK_TikTok_BOT)

HK TikTok DL is another Telegram bot commonly used to download Tiktok videos without any watermark.

In fact, this bot is arguably the most popular bot because it is widely used by Telegram users.

The method is quite simple and is the same as bots and other video downloader applications from Tiktok. For the full tutorial, it’s below:

  • First, open Telegram on your smartphone
  • After that click the search button at the top of the screen
  • Type the username @HK_tiktok_bot to search for this bot
  • After appearing in the list of search results, click on the most suitable bot
  • After that temporarily minimize the Telegram application and open the Tiktok application
  • In the Tiktok app, find the video you want to download and remove the watermark. The trick is to click the magnifying glass icon that says discover then type the name of the account that owns the video
  • Select video then click share video, then select copy link to copy url from video to clipboard
  • Then go back to the Telegram application and start the HK Tiktok bot that was opened earlier
  • Here, all you have to do is paste the Tiktok video link that was copied earlier in the chat column
  • Send the link by pressing the ‘send’ button
  • Wait for the link to finish processing and show the thumbnail of the video
  • After that you can choose the download method. You can download videos with a watermark, without a watermark, or just want to download the audio
  • After selecting, the download process will start immediately
  • Wait for it to finish and the downloaded video can be seen in your cellphone gallery.

Because HK Tik Tok DL has the option to download the audio of a TikTok video. You can use this to download songs or sounds that are usually used for the background music of a video on Tiktok.

3. Tik Tok Downloader (downloader_tiktok_bot)

The next way to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram is to use the Tik Tok Downloader bot.

At first glance, the name of this bot is almost the same as the bot that we discussed in the first point earlier. But, they are two different bots. How to remove the watermark with this bot is:

  • Open the Tiktok application and find the video you want to download and remove the watermark
  • After that copy the video url by clicking share video with the arrow icon and selecting copy url
  • Close the Tiktok app and switch to Telegram
  • In Telegram, go to the search field and search for the Tik Tok downloader bot by typing the username @downloader_tiktok_bot
  • Open the bot on the top search, make sure the bot matches and works well (not a fake account)
  • Send /Start to start interaction with bot
  • After that paste the link in the chat column then press the ‘send’ button
  • Wait for the thumbnail to appear and the video will automatically download without a watermark.

4. TT Save Bot (@ttsavebot)

If you can’t find the bot above or are still having trouble using it. You can try this one bot.

Its name is TT Save Bot with the username @ttsavebot. How to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram using this bot is also very easy, here’s how:

  • Open the Tiktok app on your smartphone
  • Find the video link that will be downloaded without the watermark by searching the destination account, selecting the video, then clicking share
  • Click copy link to copy video url
  • After that exit the Tiktok application and enter the Telegram application
  • Search for the TT Save Bot bot by typing @ttsavebot in the search field
  • Once found, click the bot that appears in the search results column. Make sure the bot you choose is correct and not another bot, okay?
  • The next step is to send a chat /Start to start the interaction
  • After that, paste the video link that you want to download without a watermark in the chat column and send the link by pressing the send button
  • In a few moments, a video thumbnail will appear, from here you can download it and directly save the video without a watermark on the smartphone memory.

Those are some ways to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram using the bots that are already available. However, in some cases there are bots that fail to remove the watermark from a video. But still managed to download the video.

If you experience this, you most likely clicked the wrong bot. Therefore, try repeating the steps above and make sure the bot you chose is correct.

Is There Any Other Way To Remove Tiktok Watermark?

There are many ways to remove Tiktok video watermark. There are now many applications and websites available to perform this task.

The method is almost the same, that is, all you have to do is download it from the Tiktok video link.

But, using Telegram bots is the most effective way. You don’t need to access a website or install an application first.

That’s a tutorial on how to remove the Tiktok watermark on Telegram. Remember to always use downloaded videos wisely. Good luck and good luck.

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