15 Tips on How to Become a Successful Food Blogger

There is no way to become a successful food blogger, except starting now. When you dwell on the mind for a long time, opportunities are not immediately realized.

Many successful examples of successful Food Bloggers can be used as references. One of which is Fork on the road.

The appearance of her blog is very beautiful and elegant, making anyone who visits her blog feel at home for long.

Every month the blog owner regularly posts his income, last October's income reached a range of $ 1200 USD.

Yes, really worth it in my opinion. Given that it is done on a part time basis. Or just fill your spare time.

Curious about how to make money from a blog? You can start by reading this article: ways to make money from a blog.

So can you still be a successful food blogger now? Read the references below first.

15 Tips on How to Become a Successful Food Blogger

“A thousand steps passed, starting with the first step” There is no way to become a successful food blogger other than starting.

1. Start Being a Food Blogger

The definition of starting here has many connotations. Finding out and digging for information is one of them. However, for real actions that need to be done are:

  • Creating a Blog
  • Setting Up Tools ( Hosting, Domain, Blog Name, Blog Design, Go Public)

The name of a food blogger is certainly not far from a blog. Mcreate a blog it's easy, at most 1 hour. You can also download the designs and knick-knacks for free.

Because there are thousands of templates available. Trust me, when you already have your own blog, you will be moved to start filling in the content.

2. Becoming a Food Blogger Must Be Consistent & Patient

To be successful, at the beginning of the journey, it is definitely not as easy and smooth as one might think.

Not only blogs, this also applies to all platforms and media. It is not easy to be recognized if you are not consistent and patient to keep creating content.

Enjoy what you do, prioritize the intention to share hobbies about food, whether it's recipes, food flavors or whatever it is.

To be sure, by making blogs a place to share and inspire others, making content will be lighter, fun and consistent.

3. Food Bloggers Must Serving Quality & Original Content

Create quality and original content, so what does quality content look like?

In this blogging world there is no standard of how good a content is. But good content certainly makes people satisfied with the content they read.

A reader can tell the difference between content that is made with heart, and content that is made carelessly. Even copy paste!

There is no recipe for becoming the most powerful success in this blogging world except content that is created based on interests and passion.

Example: You are Minang descent, so there is nothing wrong with showing your identity and pride in Minang kitchen.

Minang cuisine has been favored by all levels of Indonesian society. So there is no need for further research, whether there are enthusiasts or not.

4. Food Bloggers are required to create a Social Media Account

You need to create a social media account that is connected to the blog. The goal is for readers to get to know you better.

True readers will be curious about who is the author of the content they read. Therefore you need to make it easier for the reader to find out who is behind the blog he is reading.

There are lots of social media that can be used. But it's better to manage only one or two social media, so it's not messy (tired) and well managed.

Recommended Social Media for Food Bloggers: Instagram and Pinterest.

Many successful food bloggers start from social media

5. Add Original Photos and Videos

Statistical data shows that readers prefer content that is equipped with images or photos.

Therefore, insert a good and interesting photo.

Aesthetic Food Photos
aesthetic food photo

It should be noted that display pictures or photos that are original yours.

It's not funny when you talk about a dish but it's not your own shot. Trust that the content you create will have its own audience.

6. Promote Blog Content

To get many and loyal visitors, it is not enough just to create quality content.

You need to support it by sharing it on various social media platforms. Currently Instagram is a very suitable platform to promote your blog content.

The average Indonesian spends time 2-3 hours to surf on Instagram. That's why I advise you to take advantage of Instagram.

Get started create a microblog on Instagram. Start posting the latest content there.

But don't stop at Instagram.

You can also take advantage of paid traffic, to lure and raise brand awareness.

7. Discuss With Readers

As a Food Blogger, you need suggestions or input from readers. Therefore, open up discussion opportunities by activating the comments column.

Most readers want their questions answered, it is this discussion process that will cause them to remember you and your blog.

8. Determine Content Posting Schedule

Setting a schedule for posting content is very vital.

Because readers can remember what day the blog published the content. This will also spur yourself to continue to consistently publish content.

Another reason is, you can also find out:

  • Who is your blog reader, is it a housewife, young child etc.
  • What time are the readers busy visiting your blog?

For example, you publish content every Saturday and Sunday, with the hope that many women who are off work try to learn to cook on weekends.

9. Build Relationships Between Bloggers

The next car to become a successful food blogger is to build relationships with fellow bloggers.


  • By visiting other blogs, or commonly known as blog walking. You can just comment or even exchange ideas to develop a blog.
  • Email collaboration requests
  • Guest Post

tips to become a successful food blogger by visiting each other's blogs

10. Writing Style

No one in this world likes rigid writing, writing blog content is not the same as writing scientific papers.

In school, the standard rule of a paragraph is 4 lines. 4 lines on a PC when read on a smartphone can be 8 lines. This will make the reader lazy, because it seems that the contents are all written.

On the blog, it all depends on taste, however 2-3 the line for an article on the blog is actually good.

Writing articles for blogs Don't be too rigid, you can also add jokes, or invite readers to interact.

For example, by giving small questions whose solutions you will also discuss there.

11. Food Bloggers Must Have a Modern Blog Display

Currently the appearance of a modern blog is very beautiful and elegant. If you browse on Google, there are lots of blogs with an eye-pleasing look.

The beauty factor will affect the duration of the reader in opening the blog.

You don't need to be confused about the appearance, there are currently lots of blog themes created specifically for Food Bloggers.

You just need to add a touch of love (download and extract the meaning) to be a beautiful blog according to your taste.

But you also have to pay attention to some mandatory requirements, before determining which theme or template to use.

We'll cover that in this article: Things to consider before choosing a blog template.

12. Blog Navigation Menu

Create a navigation menu that will make it easier for visitors to explore the contents of your blog.

In short you have to group the created content into the same category.

You can group low-fat dishes, chili recipes, food reviews and others into 3 different categories.

13. Using the Best Blogging Platforms

Over time, of course, blog visitors will increase.

Well, this increase in visitors will make the blog's workload decrease in loading.

Before experiencing that, you should choose best blogging platform.

What is the best blogging platform right now?

This question cannot be answered directly, but requires data.

It all depends on your goals for blogging in the future.

If the goal is just a hobby, maybe you can try using a blogging platform tumblr.com or Blogger.com.

But if you want a professional blog, easy to custom, and want to make money from a blog.

So I suggest using a blog platform WordPress.org.

Using wordpress.org means you need to be self hosted. Self hosted means, you provide your own server for your blog. In Indonesia, there are many providers hosting qualified, affordable and quality.

14. Viewing Similar Blogs

To become a successful food blogger, you need to know other blogs that have similar topics.


Because by looking at other blogs, you will have new inspiration, both in terms of content and appearance. Finally you also have a comparison.

You can judge the positives and shortcomings of other blogs. Take the good and improve, while the bad leave!

15. Distributing Recipes To Recipe-Specific Websites

How to become a food blogger on this one you really need to take.

Share your content on famous recipe websites like: cookpad.com.

You can introduce dishes, products, and leave your blog imprint on the website.

16. Asking for Reviews from Close People

Tips The last way to become a Food Blogger is to take advantage of the people closest to you. Like family and friends. Ask them to review the content and appearance of the blog that you have created.

If necessary, force them to read the content created and ask for an honest opinion.

Use this as material to evaluate your performance.

Are you ready to become a food blogger?

Those are 15 tips on how to become a successful food blogger.

There is still much that can be done to support success. But if you do the steps above properly and correctly, you will surely become one of the successful Food Bloggers.

Start blogging right now.

Choose the best hosting to start your career as a food blogger.

You can try niagahoster.com. This hosting provider is very well known, economical, and the performance offered is very satisfying.

Not only that, you will also be assisted by cs who are ready 24/7 to overcome your difficulties while using their services.

Good luck, enjoy reading guys...

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