What are Backlinks – Importance for Websites and Blogs

What are backlinks? Backlink is a link that points to our website or blog. Which are usually more familiar as "Inbound links" or "Incoming Links".

You can use a free backlink checker tool to find out the number and origin of the inbound links you get.

Why Are Backlinks So Important?

So, here it is…

Search engines like Google, are programmed with certain algorithms (logic) to be able to display answers to keywords that people are looking for.

The problem is, there are hundreds of thousands of articles on the internet that give the title and the same.

So Google needs a trust factor to determine the best.

It is like, the more people who recommend, the more relevant they will be compared to articles belonging to other websites/blogs.

Automatically create articles with more inbound links, have a greater chance of being on the first page of search results (SERP - Search Engine Result Page).

Giving and Getting Links

Getting “inbound links” is one of the important components in Off Page SEO techniques.

The process of getting links from outside is commonly known as Link Building. Yes, although link building is not only about inbound links. But specifically in this article we discuss about external links first.

In the link building process, you need to consider where the inbound links that come to your website come from.

Backlinks obtained from well-known, trusted sites with high domain authority have a better value. Because getting backlinks from sites with low authority will cause your web/blog spam score to increase.

Likewise with the links you provide to other sites. Will affect the results on sites that get a link from your wesite. No matter whether with attributes nofollow nor dofollow, it will still give effect to other websites.

So keep an eye on the authority level of the website you are referring to, and ask for a referral.

Do-follow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are terms, or rules that you assign to search engines. Whether the link can be traced or not.

In the visual appearance of the user there is no difference in appearance, the link can still be clicked as usual. Because the one who receives the order is the search engine.

No-follow backlinks

No-follow backlinks are the opposite, meaning you don't allow search engine bots to search for links that you embed in an article. Just like the dofollow attribute link, there is no visual difference at all.

How to Get Backlinks?

For those of you who have just registered a domain, and created a blog, of course the backlinks they have are still zero. But calm down, you can build it gradually.

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Gradually doesn't mean doing nothing. You still need to do several ways to get your first backlink. Here are some ways you can do to get backlinks.

  • Create a profile page on a famous site, then enter the web/blog url
  • Blog walking, through comments you can get backlinks.
  • Guest Post on other people's blogs that have relevant topics. In addition to backlinks, you can also get additional traffic. Interested in guest posting here? please send me an email, and read the terms in “work with me".

If you need a site reference to embed quality inbound, and of course it's free. I've written it here: 101 Sources of Quality and Free Backlinks with high DA and PA.

You also need to pay attention to some of these things.

Make sure the inbound links are on a well-maintained site

Yes, this is necessary because large blogs and webs have a significant effect. With an active link or do-follow backlink on a large blog or web, it is possible for a surge in visitors.

Because a large web or blog has a large number of visitors and so there is a high possibility that the active link will be clicked by many visitors. It's different if it's posted on a small blog or web, there's only a small chance that the active link will be clicked by a visitor.

Make good articles and many people need

With articles like this, people will be interested in reading and referencing them to others, whether it's on their blogs or elsewhere. That way, you get free backlinks.

Paying for SEO Optimization Services

For those of you who aim to build a business website, there is nothing wrong with paying for SEO services. Because they have experience in this field of course. But you have to be selective, ask about his work record, crosscheck with the customers he has worked with.

Because many SEO services in fact use dirty tricks, or what is commonly referred to as "black hat".

Closing Event

You already know what backlinks are and how important they are to your website and blog. It's time you also need to think about link building techniques, in order to compete with competitors.

Recommendations for further reading are:

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Good luck and congratulations on building your link.

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