What are Custom Domains? Recognize the Importance For Your Business

Welcome smart readers, in this article I want to discuss what a custom domain is. The following is an explanation of the importance of domains for personal branding and your business.

For those of you who start a career in the internet world or in other words want to have an income from the internet, usually start in two ways, Youtube or Blog. Well, if you choose the blog path, there are things to consider. One thing to note is about the domain.

What is Custom Domain

What are domains? Simply put, the domain is like the address of a house or a building in general. Domains can be an identity for a blog and a domain for someone not to be lost to other blogs.

For example, you know that this blog (idblogging.com) is a blog that provides valid and updated information. You make idblogging as a source of information to learn blogs and business inspiration.

Well, by typing idblogging.com in the browser search box, you will always be directed to the blog in question. So you will not stray to other blogs.

That is the understanding of the domain and the function of the domain. There are not many types of domains, there are Top Level Domains, there are also sub domains.

What if you don't know about TLD I've written it here. Understanding TLD in detail

Importance of Custom Domains for Business

Well, according to the title, how important is a custom domain. If you write articles on the platform Blogger, you will be given a free domain like: yourblog.blogspot.com.

But unfortunately the domain given by blogger.com above is not a TLD, but a subdomain of blogspot.com.

This built-in domain function is actually the same. But, why is it important to use a custom domain, especially TLD?

Because the domain, especially the TLD will make someone more interested in your blog. In fact, blogs with the blogspot.com domain are highly avoided by most people, especially from higher education circles.

They are prohibited from taking sources from blogs with free domains such as blogspot.com because they are often indicated as fake news. By using a custom domain, someone will be more appreciative and willing to read articles in it.

Custom domains are also a sign of your seriousness in building a blog. By paying for a custom domain, consciously or unconsciously you will try your best to present interesting and accountable articles.

When you have spent capital for a job, you must have a moral responsibility. More serious urges will arise. "It's a shame if you don't take it seriously, it's already out of capital"

Apart from for business purposes, you can use the domain as a means of personal branding. Immediately check the domain with your name, so that someone else doesn't buy it first.

That's the reason the importance of a custom domain for the development of your blog. Custom domains have various prices. From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

You can buy it at many domain providers throughout Indonesia such as Niagahoster, Hostinger, Rumahweb, Domainesia and others.


You already know what a domain is, along with the importance of a domain for personal and business. So you should now start looking for and buying your own domain.

Because in the future, the domain name will not be available because it has been purchased by someone else first.

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