Proven Success, Here's How to Subscribe to Netflix Telkomsel

Still confused about how to subscribe to Telkomsel's netflix? Relax, those of you who use Telkomsel can enjoy this facility easily and guaranteed success.

It's no secret that everyone has a different hobby to please themselves. One of them is by watching movies.

Well, one of the sites streaming The legal thing you can visit is Netflix.

Recently, good news came for Telkomsel users because now there is a way to subscribe Netflix Telkomsel.

It's true, if in fact, there are several options to choose from if you want to watch movies.

Because actually, there have been a lot of sites wandering around streaming good for watching Indonesian and foreign films.

Starting from paid legal sites, to illegal sites that allow you to watch free movies.

Even so, there is certainly a difference between watching movies on the site streaming legal and illegal.

If you are familiar with sites like Cinema Keren or LK21, for example, you will find several advantages when watching on Netflix.

One of them, because the site streaming This legal one also produces its own series of films which are certainly not inferior in quality to Hollywood films.

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Advantages of a Netflix Subscription over the Site streaming Illegal

Unlike illegal sites, to be able to access Netflix, you must first subscribe to the package.

But before knowing how to subscribe to Netflix Telkomsel, first you need to know some of the advantages of Netflix Telkomsel over the site streaming illegal. Immediately, let's see the full presentation.

1. Netflix collection is very complete

Netflix is ​​actually a site that has been around since 1997, although it is only in the last few years that Indonesians have become acquainted with the site streaming this legal.

With one month free promo, service streaming This one provides various advantages for its customers. One of them, with regard to a very complete collection.

Yup, there are two categories of content that you can find on Netflix.

The first is movies, and the second is TV broadcasts.

Through this site you can enjoy films of various genres ranging from horror, action, comedy, to romance. You can also enjoy various television channel broadcasts from various countries, you know.

2. Many features pamper customers

In addition to the completeness of the collection, the advantage that Netflix Telkomsel users can get is the availability of various interesting features.

Among them are Profile, My List, and also Continue.

In the profiled feature, for example, you can create multiple accounts at once. An account for you personally and an account for the baby for example.

With this feature, you will be able to limit what content your baby can accept. Even so, the comfort when watching movies, series, and various news from television broadcasts from various countries that keep you up to date will always be guaranteed.

3. Relatively affordable price

As site streaming Legally, Netflix has premium services at an affordable price when compared to having to subscribe to satellite TV.

Of course it will be different if you compare it with illegal sites. Because even though it's free, illegal sites don't provide comfort when watching movies because of the many advertisements.

How much does a Netflix subscription cost? The subscription fee for each package is different.

Because each package in the way of subscribing to Netflix Telkomsel provides different facilities. At least, there are four categories that you can choose to enjoy various services.

  • Mobile – this plan allows you to only access Netflix via one phone/tablet device. The fee you have to pay every month is 49 thousand rupiah.
  • Basic – this package allows you to access streaming HD with one device. as for the fee you have to pay every month is 109 thousand rupiah.
  • Standard – this package allows you to access streaming HD with two simultaneous devices. The fee you have to pay every month is 139 thousand rupiah.
  • Premium – is the flagship package that supports streaming HD and Ultra HD (4K) and four simultaneous devices. The fee you have to pay every month is 169 thousand rupiah.

4. Can watch movies anytime and anywhere

And the last advantage with subscribing to Netflix Telkomsel is that it allows you to watch movies and television broadcasts anytime and anywhere.

This is because the site streaming This one is also available in the form of an application. So with its flexibility, you seem to be able to take a satellite plane wherever you go.

You can get these advantages by subscribing to Netflix.

If you previously knew that you can only subscribe to Netflix with a credit card, this good news will certainly make you breathe a sigh of relief.

Yup. This is because now, video on demand platforms or websites streaming Netflix has been able to be enjoyed by Telkomsel users since last July 2020.

The announcement was made by Arif Prabowo, Telkom's Vice President of Corporate Communication.

But to be able to access it, Telkomsel users still have to pay for the subscription package.

How to Subscribe to Netflix Telkomsel

The convenience offered for Telkom Group users is predicted to be a spike point for Netflix users.

How about you? Interested to subscribe and enjoy the various advantages of the site streaming this? Come on, here's how to subscribe to Netflix Telkomsel that you can follow:

  1. Open the Netflix application that you have downloaded. If you haven't installed it, you can also directly open the page at
  2. If you log in using the link, you will be shown the home page. Next, enter your email then click 'get started'. While going through the app, click on 'try it now'.
  3. After that, click 'see the plans'. With this, you can choose one of the subscription packages offered. Starting from 'mobile', 'basic', 'standard' to 'premium' packages from 49 thousand to 169 thousand per month.
  4. After selecting the package, click 'continue'.
  5. Enter your email and password to subscribe. Again, click 'continue'
  6. The next step is to arrange the payment. Now you can choose various payment methods, starting from a valid credit or debit card, at this step, you can choose Telkomsel.
  7. If all subscription payment information has been completed, click "start membership".
  8. The process for subscribing to Telkomsel Netflix is ​​complete and you can start watching your favorite movies.

Very easy isn't it?

Yup, as part of the Telkom Group, currently Netflix can be accessed by Indihome, Telkomsel and users.

There are various ways to access it.

Because apart from being available on the site, Netflix can also be accessed through the application.

But as previously mentioned, various Netflix content, both in the form of films and television broadcasts, cannot be accessed for free like pirated sites.

Even so, you can get paid for a satisfying viewing comfort without the distraction of advertisements. So it's certainly not harmful at all.

So, that was the explanation of some of the advantages of Netflix, complete with a subscription to Netflix Telkomsel.

Given that it's now very easy to access the world's best movies and series in HD and ultra HD quality, what are you waiting for? Just subscribe and choose the package according to your pocket!

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