Complete Guide to Dropshipping at Shopee and Tokopedia

This business with very minimal risk makes almost everyone curious. Whether it's just curious or who really want to become a dropshipper. In this article, I will discuss how to dropship on Shopee and Tokopedia in detail and in depth.

Later there are two discussions that will be described in this article.

  1. How to Dropship on Shopee
  2. Dropship Guide on Tokopedia

First of all, we will discuss how to become a dropshipper on Shopee?

Why Dropship on Shopee

Currently, there are several marketplaces in Indonesia that are on the rise. One of them is Shopee, in addition to its dynamic appearance and easy navigation.

Shopee also provides lots of promos, such as free shipping and crazy discounts every month.

My wife is no exception, when the smart phone is in hand, the one that is opened must be this application. With the majority of users being women, shopee has the potential to be a place for business.

Another advantage of Shopee is the presence of features Send As Dropship. That way the original supplier of the goods sold by the dropshipper will not be known.

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How to Send Items as Dropship on Shopee

For those of you who don't know how to send as dropship, please guide below:

1. Have a Shopee Account

Create an account first, because any transaction cannot be done before having a shopee account. Creating a shopee account is very easy, you can fill in your email address and biodata like registering on social media.

2. Selecting the Products to be Sold.

The next step is to choose the product you want to sell. Use the search field to find the product you are looking for. For example, the keyword entered is "Convers Shoes".

choose a product to sell by dropship

You can choose the shoe model that best suits your target market. Remember, not all buyers have a view on price. Usually the quality of the goods sold will be comparable to the price.

If your target is a lower middle class buyer, the prices above can be recommended.

3. Shopping Checkout

Before checkout, make sure you've considered a few things:

  • Seller Rating - Useful to find out how the quality of the supplier and the goods being sold. Try to read all the reviews given by previous buyers.
  • Amount Sold – This can also be considered, because the more the product is sold, the more satisfied the previous buyer is usually.

For checkout steps can be considered in the steps below.

Checkout the items that have been set

4. Send As Dropshipper

After checkout make sure you have selected "Send as Dropship".

choose send sign as dropshipper

  1. Check mark send as dropship
  2. Fill in the name of the buyer
  3. Buyer's phone number
  4. Buyer's Address

Make sure the 4 things above you have filled in according to the buyer's data. Do not get the wrong contents, because the goods will not reach the buyer.

5. Final Checkout

After completing the buyer data, you can complete the final payment at the bottom corner of the shopee web/app.

how to dropship on shopee, final checkout

When the payment has been completed, you just have to wait for the order to be processed by the supplier. Usually after processing, you will get a receipt number to track the order that has been sent.

Easy isn't it?

Actually the dropship method is as simple as that. However, the above is only technical in buying goods by dropship at Shopee. There are details that you must pay attention to before deciding to pursue this business.

Tips & Tricks Before Starting Dropship on Shopee

Before starting and choosing a product to dropship, the following are worthy of your consideration. To add to the presentation of the success of starting this business.

1. Choose Products That Have Selling Power

Because Shopee has become an online marketplace that has quite a lot of fans, this makes Shopee have a large selection of goods and sellers.

No need to bother choosing which product will sell, just pay attention to which one has the most sales.

Thus reducing the troublesome market survey activities. After all, the market already exists, so you only focus on selling and marketing the product.

2. Looking for a Multi-Product Supplier

What does multi product mean? Try to imagine this, if for example you have 3 types of goods that are sold from different suppliers, the shipping costs will be 3x as well, of course.

Buyers will know that they are not buying from you, but only as an intermediary (dropship).

So, it is obligatory to have a multi-product supplier that provides many types and types of products at once, to reduce shipping costs.

If you intend to only sell one product, that's a different story. Shipping costs will certainly remain because it is only from 1 supplier.

3. Choosing a Quality Supplier

The criteria for quality suppliers are actually easy to know. There is no need to buy the product in advance, just take a look at these things:

  • Seller Rating – shows the level of buyer satisfaction
  • Review – Reviews of past buyers help in researching the quality of the product they received.
  • Seller Response - No matter how good the goods are sold, the key to successful selling is a fast response. So make sure the supplier you choose is a supplier that responds quickly.
  • Find a Supplier who gives Wholesale Prices – This is the main attraction of potential buyers, and makes it easier for you to reap more profits.

4. Prepare Capital Money

Of course, this is important because after all, business still requires us including you to have capital money.

Items purchased from suppliers will not be shipped until you pay in advance. In short, we are also buyers as long as the product has not yet arrived in the hands of consumers.

But one thing that makes the difference here, is that you only spend money when the goods have been ordered.

5. Pay Attention to Market Prices

Many do not realize this, today's buyers are smart. They can search for the product they are looking for through any platform.

If our prices do not compete with market prices, the chances of the product being sold will be smaller.

6. Promote Products

After having a good supplier, capital, and prices have also been mastered, then the next mandatory thing that needs to be done is promotion.

This is the most common mistake made by beginners.

They assume that by simply displaying goods on social media stories, buyers will automatically be interested. It's not entirely true though.

You need a little face of the wall if you want to succeed.

  • Start offering the products you sell directly to friends or family. Send them product photos, and ask them to buy the products you offer. Little things like the above, will train your mentality to be successful as a dropshipper.
  • Offer discounts or discounts, because discount is a word that everyone likes. That's why it's important to find a supplier who offers wholesale prices if you buy many items at once.

Those are the basic things before dropshipping at shopee.

Weaknesses of Dropship on Shopee

Perhaps this has been the question all along, can we do dropship from shopee to shopee?

In short, the answer is no. I have tried almost all marketplaces in Indonesia, but they all give the same result.

The main problem lies in receipt number that can only be issued once. The existing system does not yet support to do this.

Even though the checkout system has the option to send as dropship, buy products from shopee, then sell them on shopee too can't be done yet to date.

Dropship Guide on Tokopedia

Guide on how to dropship at Tokopedia with suppliers from Shopee, sell to Tokopedia

I've read several articles that discuss how to dropship on Tokopedia. Unfortunately not all search results show what users are looking for Google.

For that reason I also want to talk about this…

Tokopedia is currently one of the largest physical product marketplaces in Indonesia. Of course, it will open up opportunities for anyone who wants to run an online buying and selling business.

So the question is, can I do a dropship business on Tokopedia?

If the answer is short, the answer is Of course you can!

However, there are some things and conditions that you need to know regarding Tokopedia's policy regarding the rules for selling with this dropship method.

Terms of Dropship at Tokopedia

In running the dropship business, Tokopedia has classified two ways that are allowed to make transactions using the dropship method.

Internal Dropshipper

Party Tokopedia Doesn't Allow you do Internal Dropshipper practice. Where a dropshipper buys goods from a store on Tokopedia, then sells it again to a buyer on Tokopedia.

This is because 1 receipt number can only be entered by 1 seller on Tokopedia.

Sample case:

I bought shoes at ABC store in Tokopedia. Then I want to sell the shoes to other buyers on Tokopedia. Similar transactions are not allowed on Tokopedia.

External Dropshipper

Unlike the case with internal dropshippers, transactions with external dropship labels are allowed. Here is a more detailed description:

  • WL allowed to buy goods from Tokopedia, then sell them on platforms other than Tokopedia.
  • WL allowed to sell goods on Tokopedia, where the product is obtained from a platform or supplier other than Tokopedia.

Sample case:

a. I buy shoes on Tokopedia, then sell them on other marketplaces.
b. I bought shoes in another marketplace, then sold them on Tokopedia.

Okay, from the explanation above, it implies that we can't dropship at Tokopedia. But that doesn't mean it can't be done, yes, we can still dropship there with Dropshipping external method.

Let's see the complete guide below.

How to Dropship at Tokopedia with Suppliers from Shopee

In this guide, I give only one example. That is using the option (b), buy products in other marketplaces and then sell them on Tokopedia.

Indeed, there are many marketplaces in Indonesia that you can try the dropship program for. However, in this article I take a more general example, namely using Shopee as a supplier.

1. Create a Seller Account on Tokopedia

To start selling on Tokopedia, of course you have to create a shop first. Or you can also use the smart phone application "Mitra Tokopedia".


In creating a new store, you should use a name that reflects the goods you want to sell. Because this will affect the assessment of potential buyers in your store.

If you intend to sell shoes on Tokopedia, you should use a name related to shoes. Example:

  • Erina Shoes (Name and Item Combination)
  • Star Shoes (Store Brand and Goods)

The rest you can develop yourself about the name of this shop.

2. Create a Shopee Account

The next step is to have a Shopee account, please register using email or facebook. Choose what feels easy.

3. Looking for Items to Sell

When looking for items to sell, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Quality – How to check, you don't need to buy it first. Just look at the ratings, buyer reviews and how many have been sold.
  • Price – What is meant here is the market price in the marketplace where you will sell later. To ensure, the goods sold will sell later.

Sample case:

I entered "Men's Casual Sneaker” in the Shopee search field. Then I'll find a list of sneakers that I'm interested in buying myself.

how to dropship on tokopedia from shopee

From the picture above, I found shoes with the Aerospace brand with sizes 40-43. The seller's rating is also quite good, with the number of sales reaching 1000. All details ranging from quality, reviews and prices are known.

For a guide to checkout goods at shopee as a dropshipper, please read this article if you don't know it yet: How to dropship on shopee.

The next step is to try to see market opportunities in Tokopedia. Enter keywords ( Aerostreet Casual Sneaker Shoes ) for that brand in the Tokopedia search column.

Price of shoes on Tokopedia

From the picture above, you can see that the cheapest price for the Aerostreet shoe brand is Rp. 119.000 rupiah. Then you can still sell the shoes at a price that is not much different.

4. Installing Images in Your Store (Tokopedia)

No need to worry because you don't have the photo, you can take it from anywhere. If the reseller allows it to be re-uploaded, it's even easier.

Complete with a complete description, and also study the product well.

From personal experience, even though the description is complete, buyers will still ask the seller about the goods they want to buy.

So, knowledge about the goods to be sold is very important.

5. Promote Products for Sale

The next step is to promote the product you are selling. This can be done through social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Try to create a special account to sell, and start posting items that are also being sold. Once rowed two islands passed.

6. Responsive With Buyers

Immediately serve your customers well. If there is a new order, just make a purchase to the Shopee Supplier. Don't forget to write down your buyer's name and address.

7. Asking for Delivery Receipt No

After the goods you purchased successfully checkout, make sure you get a receipt number from the supplier. Then enter the receipt number that you got from shopee into the Tokopedia delivery receipt.

Note: Make sure you have chosen the same courier as your supplier.

The last step you need to do is wait for the goods sent to arrive at the buyer. You will receive the money after the item is received by the buyer.


Shopee actually already offers convenience to become a dropshipper. But it takes some effort to be successful in running a dropship business.

No need to worry, because you can take advantage of the marketplace owned by social media such as Facebook, or Whatsapp.

If you are lazy to bother promoting products, you can also use the next marketplace.

Good luck, if you have any questions, please comment. I will try to help as best I can.

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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