How to Make the Latest BCA ATM 2021, Terms and Initial Deposit

Hello everyone, on this occasion we will discuss how to create a BCA ATM with the terms and the required deposit amount.

As a technology literate society, of course you need an account for certain purposes. For example, to make it easier for you in terms of purchasing goods, for online business and so on.

One of the most widely used banks by the public is BCA. And more and more people are looking for ways to make BCA ATMs on the internet.

Indeed, making an ATM is very easy, but for those who are still new, they certainly don't understand how it works.

Especially if there are a lot of people in the bank waiting in line, so sometimes it will make potential customers confused.

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Types of Savings at Bank BCA

Here you can choose various types of savings ranging from:

  • Stages (silver, gold, platinum),
  • Xpresi Stage
  • taps,
  • BCA Dollars,
  • My Savings and so on.

You have to choose the type that suits your needs, because some of the savings above are for people who do business, some are specifically for students.

Requirements for Creating a BCA ATM You Should Know

If you intend to set up an account at a BCA bank, it's a good idea to first understand what the conditions are that must be prepared, especially you have to understand the steps that must be taken.

So, what are the conditions that must be prepared when opening an account?

  1. Identity cards such as ID cards or driving licenses.
  2. The money for the initial deposit is at least 500.000 rupiah.
  3. Stamp 6000 and also TIN if you have.
  4. An active phone number and email.

You need to know that this phone number and email are very important when you want to create an account.

Because usually the OTP or verification code is sent through these two things.

Initial Deposit to Open BCA ATM

The amount when you deposit money at the beginning of the account opening usually varies.

Because this bank does have several types of savings that you can choose from, so you have to adjust it to the type of savings you want.

For example, some require you to deposit a minimum 500.000 rupiah at the beginning, but there are also those that require you to only deposit 50.000 rupiah only.

An example of an account with an initial deposit of 50.000 rupiah is: BCA Xpresi Account.

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Meanwhile, usually the balance held in BCA bank savings is around 50.000 rupiah.

You don't have to worry and feel difficult because you have to deposit 500.000 into the account. Because later the deposit money can be withdrawn if you want.

Although the withdrawal may not be complete because there must be something left at the ATM.

How to Make a BCA Bank ATM

After knowing what the conditions are and how much the initial deposit is, you certainly can't wait to find out how to apply for an account to the bank.

Actually, you don't have to worry about how to make a BCA ATM.

Because later the BCA bank customer service and friendly security will guide you if you start to get confused.

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. When you arrive at the nearest BCA bank branch office, you must first take a queue number.
  2. If your queue number is called, then immediately state your purpose for opening a new account.
  3. If you are asked for requirements, then provide the documents that have been prepared. Later you will also be asked to fill out the form provided. The form also contains data that must be filled in by your personal data.
  4. When the data entry process has been completed, you just need to create a PIN which will be guided directly by the officer.
  5. Well, after that you just have to wait for an ATM card and also a savings book to be made.

The process is fairly quick and easy, but sometimes what makes it long is the queue.

Where there are certainly many people who want to make transactions at the bank, you must always be patient.

However, now in this sophisticated era, you can enjoy the facility of opening an account through an online system.

The requirements needed to open an online account are not much different, it's just that you don't need to come to the nearest bank branch office.

In addition, you will only video call with the officer in question. But to get an ATM card and passbook you still have to come to the branch office.

Advantages of Making Savings at Bank BCA

Each bank must have its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes it an attraction in itself.

The advantages of making an ATM at a BCA bank are as follows.

  • The monthly deduction and initial deposit is quite light

Each bank will apply a monthly admin which will be automatically deducted. The amount of the fee also varies depending on the type of savings as well.

At BCA, the monthly discount is very light.

In fact, there are types of savings that do not impose a monthly fee, so your money is still safe in the account.

In addition, certain types of savings such as TabunganKu also apply very cheap initial deposits. This certainly makes it easier for those of you who don't have enough money but want to open a savings account.

  • ATM machine facilities can be found anywhere

The more bank account users, the more ATM machines you can find. However, there are some banks that cannot reach remote areas and only exist in cities.

However, BCA bank ATM machines are here for you to remote areas to make transactions easier. This bank is indeed so popular that it has spread everywhere.

  • Get interesting promos

In order for more customers to join, the BCA bank often offers attractive promos. This can be considered as one of the strategies, just like other banks in Indonesia.

Benefits of having a BCA ATM

Saving has many benefits, one of which is when there is an urgent need, it can be used as a helper. Because sometimes there is an urgent need that requires us to spend a lot of money.

By saving at BCA bank, your money will be guaranteed safe. Because indeed every bank is equipped with such a sophisticated security system to prevent theft and so on.

You're also no longer tempted to spend money on things that don't matter anymore.

Especially when you use one of the types of savings from the BCA bank, namely the Tahapan Berjangka savings, which makes you unable to withdraw money except at a predetermined time.

In the current era of internet technology, you can also get internet banking facilities that will facilitate all kinds of transactions. Starting from transfers, checking mutations, and others only from cellphones.

Well, that's the explanation of how to make a BCA ATM in 2021.

By following the steps above you don't have to worry anymore and get confused when you want to create your own account. Hope it can be useful.

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