Here's How to Make a Correct Google Maps QR Code

Before discussing how to create a Google Maps QR Code, as a quick reminder about the QR Code. QR Code is stands for Quick Response code.

Which is currently often used in several fields such as marketing or coding a website address and phone number.

The beginning of the creation of this QR Code occurred around 1994 by Denso Wave which is a subsidiary of Toyota.

Its creation was done in order to track existing components at high speed.

This code is specifically designed to be readable by the camera so that it is more practical than other codes that are much stricter in nature.

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2 Ways to Create a Google Maps QR Code

Now it's time for you to know how to create a Google Maps QR Code. Let's see how in the following tutorial.

The steps are as follows:

1. Open the Google Maps app

Previously you need to determine the coordinates of the Longitude and Latitude that you want to generate a QR code for to make it easier to move to the next process.

After that you can open the Google Maps application via a browser or an application that is already available on your cellphone.

After getting the location for which you will create the QR Code, you can search for that location in the search field.

2. Select menu 'Share', then select 'Copy Link'.

Next, the step you have to do is press the Share option and then copy the link provided.

How to Make a Google Maps Qr code
Select share, then select copy link

3. Install the QR & Barcode Scanner application

This step is important to facilitate your goal in creating a QR Code.

Create a Google Maps QR Code

You can download the app QR & Barcode Scanners, in an app store on your phone such as the Play Store or the App Store.

Then select the menu in the upper left corner then select the menu for QR.

Select the URL menu, enter a link in the column provided.

After copying the link that you previously copied, enter the link into the field provided. Then you can click the tick in the top right corner.

Then you can see the tick in the top right corner then select save. Well, at this stage the barcode will be directly stored in your storage.

Then the results of the barcode you just created will appear as below.

QR Code Google Maps Kepri Mall

To check whether it is correct, you can scan the barcode that was previously created.

In addition, the application can read various types of information barcodes, a feature like this is very useful for some people who don't have a scanner camera Barcode.

That's one easy way to create a QR Code for a Google Maps location using a smartphone. For other options for creating barcodes, you can follow the tutorial below.

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How to Create a Google Maps QR Code with Googleapis

Creating a QR Code with Googleapis does not require additional applications, just take advantage of all the features from Google in the following way.

  1. Open the browser application on your PC or laptop. Then open the Google Maps address. Previously you could search for Google Maps addresses first, then you can Copy Link the address for you to move in the PC or laptop that you will use.
  2. Find the location where the QR Code will be generated. To make it easier for you to search, you can type the name of the location in the search field found on Google Maps. If the location you're looking for doesn't appear, you can re-type the closest location. If the location you are looking for appears in the Google search list, you only need to make sure on the map, the dot or red pin is at the location where the QR Code will be generated.
  3. Select a coordinate point. On the left, the coordinates of the point information will appear and then click the menu Share.
  4. In the Share option that appears, copy the url contained in the links to share, then you can copy the link.
  5. Then in the browser you are using, enter the link earlier or paste the link. Then, enter the result of the QR Code, and the QR Code will be displayed immediately.
  6. Once done you can save the Google Maps QR Code image. By the way, click on the QR Code image, then select Save image as and paste it in applications such as Word, Corel Draw or in Power Point.

That's how to make a Google Maps QR Code that you can practice. Some of these easy ways you can directly practice via your smartphone or using a PC or laptop.

With the help of various applications to create QR Codes, now everything is easier to do. Good luck!

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