5 Ways to Install in Shopee Without a Credit Card, Make Shopping Easy

In this modern era, who doesn't know the Shopee application? Of course, almost all levels of society know that Shopee provides a lot of daily necessities. In addition, the payment methods in this application are also very diverse. One of them is by installments on Shopee.

Installing installments at Shopee is very easy, there are several options ranging from credit cards to no credit cards.

However, you can also pay for groceries in this application by transfer from a bank account or from Shopeepay.

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Reasons to Use Installment Method to Pay at Shopee

The installment method is often used by people to pay for goods purchased at Shopee.

Of course the use of this method is not without reason at all.

But what are the reasons many people use this one method?

1. The price of goods is very expensive

Well, Shopee does provide a lot of necessities, one of which is electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, and so on.

We can buy cellphones or laptops at Shopee, but sometimes the prices offered are very expensive.

That's why people end up using the installment method to buy these items.

2. Can be paid in stages

For those who do not have a lot of money, installments are one solution.

Especially if the goods purchased are very urgent and do not have enough money to buy them.

So the only solution is to pay in installments because the payments can be gradual.

5 Ways to Install in Shopee Without a Credit Card

Shopee has several payment methods by installments, either by credit card or without a credit card.

We should discuss one by one about the installment method at Shopee so that you can understand better.

1. Installment with Shopeepay Later

Shopee Pay Later

The first way to pay in installments at Shopee without a credit card is to use SPay.

Shopeepay later is certainly not foreign to your ears, right?

In fact, this method is almost always used by loyal Shopee users.

Shopeepay later itself you can use to pay for goods at Shopee, but this one feature can only be used to buy goods at Shopee only.

Not for other platforms or not for cash.

How to register to Shopeepay Later is very easy, you only need to enter the data needed by Shopee.

For how to activate ShopeePay later, please read on: Guide to Activating the Latest ShopeePay Later

In addition, if you often shop with this method, over time your credit limit will also increase.

As for the advantages of Shopeepay Later, you will get several things such as:

  • Tenor up to 1, 2, 3, 6 to 12 months.
  • Limit 600 thousand to 15 million.
  • You can choose a due date between 5, 11 or 25 each month.
  • The interest rates can be said to be very competitive.

2. Installment with Kredivo

How to Install in Shopee without a credit card with Kredivo

Another way for the installment method at Shopee is to use an application Credits.

Where, this application is one of the online loan places that is quite popular among the public.

You no longer need a credit card if you have registered with this application, and it is said that Kredivo has also worked with more than 150 merchants.

To be able to use this method, you must first have the Kredivo application then register and fill in the required data.

If approved by Kredivo, you will get a credit limit and can use it for payments at Shopee.

The registration requirements in this application are not difficult, because you only have to have an ID card, be 18-60 years old, an Indonesian citizen and of course have an income of approximately 3 million per month.

As for what you will get from this application such as:

  • Large credit limit.
  • The repayment tenor is quite long.
  • Up to a more affordable interest rate than other applications.

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3. Installment with Shopee Borrow

The next way to pay in installments at Shopee without a credit card is to take advantage of the features SPinjam (Shopee Loan).

Shopee Borrow itself is a new feature provided by Shopee to its users. However, it seems that only certain people can get this feature.

Shopee Pinjam is the same as other online loan applications, which provide funds for users.

Unlike the case with Shopeepay Later, you can withdraw the limit on Shopee Borrow to your account and of course the process for disbursement is very fast.

In the application, you must provide the data requested by Shopee, then just wait for the verification process to complete and then you can apply for a loan.

There are several advantages that you will get if you already have this one feature, such as:

  • Maximum credit limit of 5 million for merchants and 3 million for buyers.
  • Long tenor up to 2-3 months.
  • The process of applying and disbursing funds is very fast.
  • Interest rates are relatively low.

4. Installment with Akulaku

Shopee Installments with Akulaku

Well, Akulaku is also included in one of the installment methods that you can use in this Shopee application.

You can get the Akulaku application on the Play Store and download it for free.

Akulaku is widely used by the public because this application is legal and registered with the OJK.

In addition, there are many advantages that make it very popular with the public.

You can pay in installments without a credit card if you use Akulaku, but for that you must first register and submit the necessary data so that the application process can run smoothly.

The data is probably only about ID cards, personal data, selfie photos and so on.

Then if the data entry process is complete, then you will get a credit limit that has been determined by Akulaku. The benefits that you will get from the Akulaku application are for example:

  • Large credit limit up to millions.
  • Quite a long tenor.
  • Low interest rates.
  • The application process only takes a few minutes.

5. Shopee Installment with Credit Card

Some of the methods above are installment methods at Shopee without a credit card, and besides that you can also use installments with a credit card if you have one.

Shopee itself provides a wide selection of credit cards from various banks.

When you want to pay for an order, just click on the bank option and follow the guidelines requested by Shopee.

Installments with a credit card are good, but usually the application process at the bank is very difficult.

So, it will be easier if you use the installment payment method without a credit card like some of the ways that have been shared above.

Installments provide relief, but if you don't really need it, it's better to postpone it first. Especially if the items you want to buy are not really important or just to fulfill your lifestyle.

As for before using the installment method, you should also consider whether you are able to pay off the installments in the future or not.

So that it will not be a burden that makes life uncomfortable.

Well, that's a brief explanation of several methods or how to make installments on Shopee that you can try to do when you are in an urgent situation?

Hopefully what is described above can be useful and happy shopping!

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