6 Ways to Get Money From the Latest Youtube (2021)

In fact, nowadays not everyone can be successful from YouTube. But if you are looking for information on how to make money from youtube, this article can help you.

Television used to be a very promising potential for money, unlike today. Most of the market seems to be shifting. In 2020, television is becoming increasingly worthless (yes, if you make it in remote parts of the country, it's still okay).

Now is the era Youtube.

Who doesn't know Dedy Corbuzier? where the revenue per content it makes reaches 300 million to 4 billion per month.

On the millennial side, there is Jess no Limit who can earn billions per month from his YouTube gaming content.

Apart from having many successful real examples from Youtube, being a content creator on YouTube is very easy.

The only way is to go to the youtube website, register with a Gmail account, instantly you can create videos.

So, aren't you curious about what they do to make money from Youtube?

In this article I explore it more deeply, so that you also know where they make money from.

6 Ways to Earn Money From Youtube

Actually there are many ways you can do to earn money from YouTube. Because YouTube itself already offers several available methods.

But unfortunately many of them do not make better use of the opportunities that exist. For those of you who are interested and want to become a content creator on Youtube, consider the ways below.

1. Serving Ads

The biggest income contributor for YouTubers is from ad serving. This advertisement was obtained from a collaboration program between Google Adsense and Youtube.

The problem is that the requirements for youtube monetization using google adsense are currently quite heavy. Below is the latest update regarding the requirements that must be achieved to be able to monetize YouTube.

  • The content displayed does not intersect with the following such as: Drugs, Racism, Violence, Pronographic content and other negative things.
  • During the last 12 months the minimum view count must be 4000 Hours.
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Have an adsense account for payment details that is already connected to Youtube.

After meeting the requirements above, you can take the following steps:

  1. Login to Youtube
  2. Click on YoutubeStudio.
  3. On the dashboard menu on the left, click content.
  4. Select the video to monetize.
  5. Scroll down the dashboard menu, select Monetization and the type of monetization.

2. Channel Membership

The requirements for opening channel memberships may differ slightly from regular ad serving. But in general it remains the same, must pass the requirements that I have written above.

Channel membership is a program that allows subscribers to enjoy content that is only available to members.

Let's say you're showing the full version of a video that you've uploaded, but you don't want everyone to see.

Because there are many re-take processes, or funny mistakes during the video recording process. For fans, this is definitely a pleasant experience.

Additional requirements to enable this feature:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Has more than 30.000 subscribers

3. Turn On Merchandise Shelf

This merchandise is more similar to the attributes that you often display when broadcasting on YouTube. For example, you have your own t-shirt brand, and you use that brand in every video.

So when your channel has a lot of fans, it's not impossible that you can also sell it. Yes, simply, let's take the example of one of the famous YouTubers, Reza Arap.

With millions of fans, if he were to promote his own t-shirt, you would have guessed. Surely the fans will be happy to buy the products owned by their idol.

To be able to sell mechandise, you don't have to activate it first through the YouTube feature. You can mix it with Instagram and modern social media that supports ecommerce.

Requirements to enable this feature directly from youtube:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Has more than 10.000 subscribers

Recommendation: Side Business For Students.

4. Turn On Super Chat/Stickers

The next step to get money from Youtube is through superchat or stickers. Currently Youtube is launching a sticker feature for paid users.

When your account meets the criteria and requirements, then you will get a commission every time a user sends you a sticker.


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Live in a country/region where Super Chat is available

5. YouTube Premium

In this section you do not need to do anything. Because this youtube premium how it works is very easy to understand.

When premium youtube users watch videos on your channel, you will get a commission directly from Youtube. As compensation for ads not showing. As we know that premium youtube users are freed from the ads that appear.

6. Affiliate Program

how to earn money from youtube with affiliate program

Affiliate program or affiliate is a program that allows us to get a commission from sharing a link to a company that we have worked with.

Have you ever watched a video, where the content creator talks like this: "To order, just click the link in the description!"

That's an affiliate program, when viewers click on the link you share and buy a product from there. The commission for you will start to count.

Best of all, affiliate links can't only be shared via Youtube. You can use other media, such as blogs, social media or share links directly.

This is how you can make money from YouTube. Everything is tough at the beginning, but with persistence and consistency, I'm sure you too can be successful.


How to get through 4000 watch hours quickly?

The first way you can use is to be consistent, and continue to improve the quality of the content. Do frequent cross-social media promotions.

The second way you can take is to use the services of viewers.

Even though many have given testimonials, I don't understand whether what they use to view views is an ethical way.

For example, they use bots to watch videos. So that it can achieve 4000 hours of broadcast time in just a matter of days.

For that, you have to be careful choosing a service provider like this. Dig further from his former customers for detailed information.

Recommendations for finding a surveyor service provider:

  • Projects.co.id – Through this platform, you don't have to worry about fraud. Because it uses a joint account system. So your money will be very safe, and workers will be paid when you accept the work they complete.

How to have a lot of fans?

The most powerful way to have fans is to find your own passion. Don't just follow the trend. Because what's trending doesn't necessarily last.

Trust that the content you create will have its own audience. Whatever the content is, whether it's just fishing, or gardening.

Create content that benefits viewers, such as tutorials and guides. In addition to being a source of income, the channel you create becomes a charity field.

The fastest way to earn money from Youtube?

Personally, I will choose point no. 6, which is the affiliate program. The affiliate program is very easy to do, and the requirements to become an affiliate marketer do not have to reach 4000 hours of viewing.

You can still create content while sharing affiliate links.

Are There Ways Other Than Youtube to Make Money From The Internet?

The answer is a lot, it all depends whether you want it or not. Below are some ways you can do it:

  • Become a Freelancer – Writer, data entry, design etc
  • Selling Photos – Have great photo skills? sell on Freepick.com
  • Create a blog – Income that can reach 50 million.

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Earning money from YouTube is indeed promising, but there are no instant results. All need firmness and consistency.

You already know several ways that can be taken to increase income. The next step is to take action. We must both realize that theory alone is not enough. For that, let's start from now.

If you have any additions, please add them in the comments column, okay?

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( jitendra.co). Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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