3 New Youtube Features Pamper Streamers and Gaming Creators

One of the giant companies owned by Google again announced 3 new updates. Which is where this latest update will make streamers and Gaming Creators even more pampered.

This update expands the availability of existing features, while bringing two new features to live streaming on YouTube.

The launch of these 3 new features will make it easier for streamers and viewers to interact directly during a stream or broadcast.

This update includes:

  • Clips
  • Subscriber-only Chat
  • Polls

Regarding this feature itself, Youtube does not make new breakthroughs. But more similar to the features possessed by Twitch.

Here's more information about this update and how it can improve your next YouTube stream.

3 New Features of Youtube Live Stream

1. Clips

Clips allow streaming viewers to select 5-60 second segments of content (both uploaded and streamed video) that can be shared with others on YouTube and across other platforms.

For streamers, this feature can be enabled or disabled via the advanced settings in Yotube Studio.

If you enable Clips on your channel, your viewers can select the clip icon in your video and select a portion of the content to clip.

The clip will be looped, played on the watch page of the original video and all metrics from the viewer clip will be attributed to your original video.

So this will certainly increase the number of videos and watch time of your videos.

This feature can also be enjoyed by gaming streamers with a minimum number of 1000 subscribers or more.

2. Subscriber-only Chat

This new option is available to make it easier for streamers to live chat with subscribers. Not only that, it's certainly good for creating new connections between streamers and viewers.

This feature can be activated during streaming. Directly through the live control room settings.

Steps to enable subscriber-only chat:

  • Open Live Control Room
  • Click Edit
  • Click Live Chat
  • Under the “Who can send a message” option, select Subscriber
  • Click Save

Streamers can choose how long (hours, days, weeks, years) their subscribers can send live chats.

When the Subscriber-only chat feature is activated, the subscriber will receive a notification how much longer he can send a live chat streamer.

3. Polls/Poll

A youtube channel can now also manage live polls in streaming and premieres.

These live polls can be used by streamers to ask the audience for opinions during streaming.

Steps to create Live Polls:

  • Schedule/Start Live streaming
  • From the bottom of the chat window, tap Create a Poll
  • Create a new poll
  • Tap end poll from the banner at the top of the chat
  • View the results of the poll created

The poll itself can be made from 2 to 4 options. And it should be noted, this feature is only made from the Youtube PC Computer version. Not yet available on the mobile version.

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