Premium Quality PBN Services 100% Google Index

Premium PBN Services

Welcome to iDBlogging everyone. We want to offer Premium PBN Services for those of you who need and understand well the benefits of PBN.

This service is my collaboration with several team people who are experienced in handling PBN and Link Building properly and correctly.

The PBN we offer is Quality PBN, and of course with quality backlink Premium too. So that the results of the services we do are very powerful and have a good effect at the same time.

The following is a breakdown of why our PBNs are powerful and premium.

Common Reason

  1. Blogs have IP Address unique (Different).
  2. Server Hosting Location different
  3. Menggunakan Nameservers different too.
  4. All PBNs are already using Https or SSL
  5. In Build with Themes Different WordPress
  6. Domain registered with unique WhoIs

Reasons Why Our PBN is Premium

  1. Each PBN has DA and PA very high. That is minimum DA 50+ up to DA 72+ MOZ metric.
  2. All Blogs have backlinks from websites Authority.
  3. PBN is guaranteed to be indexed by Google.
  4. Blogs are built wholeheartedly, maintained and optimized On Page SEOnyes. There is even a perch on Rank 1 Google.
  5. All PBNs are hosted from providers whose quality is also Premium. Already using SSD, fast loading and of course liked by Google.

The reason this PBN is very powerful

  1. We prepare SEO articles of at least 700-800 words.
  2. The packages we offer are already very affordable, you won't find a PBN as good as this at the price we provide.
  3. I personally have proven how powerful this PBN is.

Here is one of our blogs used for testing. In June around 10-2021, we started to optimize the OffPage SEO of a blog for testing.

Before using this PBN, the traffic was only a maximum of 10 per day.

After a month lapse, an increase in traffic was seen in July. Then on August 25, daily traffic has reached 400 visitors per day.

Increased blog traffic
Blog traffic increases rapidly after optimization

How? OK right?…


  1. This PBN Premium service is indeed very powerful, but there is no guarantee that the keywords you optimize will increase. Because the SEO factor is not only from OffPage, but there is OnPage SEO. The internal link building that you do is also very influential.
  2. Do not accept niches that smell like sara, gambling, and adult sites.
  3. There is no money back guarantee, because once it is done, if it is canceled it will affect the quality of our PBN.

Package Options

Please choose the package that suits your website needs. But it's a good idea to choose a premium package. Because in the premium package you can get 100 PBN Premium, and free consultation for targeting keywords.

So that the results you get are optimal, super satisfying, and ready for a flood of traffic, of course.

Rp. 2.000.000,00
50 Premium PBN - DA 50-72
Include 50 SEO Articles
1 Url
3 Maximum Keywords

Premium PBN (Recommended)
Rp. 3.500.000,00
100 Premium PBN - DA 50-76
Include 100 SEO Articles
1 Url
3 Optimized Keywords


Are Backlinks Permanently Obtained?

In general, the backlinks that you will get, God willing, are permanent. In addition to customers, we also use this PBN to optimize some of our own business websites. So, every year, we will continue to renew the domain and hosting. If it is not extended, our websites will also sink.

How Long Does It Take?

Based on experience, and in order not to be considered spam by Google, we recommend 20 days at the earliest, and 1 month at most. All of that is solely so that the results achieved are very maximal, and are in accordance with the standard "aman"In the future.

Is there a Work Result Report?

Yep, we will make a complete report of the work in Excel format. So you can check for yourself how great the PBN we manage is.

Okay, please place your order… You can send us a message via WA, which is listed in the select package section above.

If you are still unsure whether we are trustworthy or not, you may submit a payment request through the Try Haryanto account…