How to Create a Microblog on Instagram with Canva + Free Templates

In this article, you will find out how easy it is to create a microblog with Canva. The results are no less interesting than professional designers.

As we know, lately trending and popular carousel posts on Instagram. The slide post feature with a maximum of 10 photos is very possible to be used as a promotional and branding medium.

Currently, this feature is used by Instagram users to create slide posts.

Slide posts like this are called Instagram Microblogs.

With the presence of this microblog, many Instagram users will get more benefits when surfing Instagram.

As you know, currently a lot of Instagram-based microblog content is milling about in feeds and stories.

Even though it is “micro”, usually the contents are equipped with fairly complete information, but packaged in a concise, concise and clear manner.

So that anyone who sees a carousel feed like this, rarely skips directly to the bottom.

Almost certainly, they read the content of the microblog, including you!


This microblog is a great opportunity to attract other people to follow your Instagram account. Just take a look, there are lots of Instagram account owners who specifically post only one topic.

Example: I follow an Instagram account that specifically discusses stocks.

The posts are all about stocks. From easy to expert it is said..

Followers?.. Don't ask, more than a million..

Remember, on Instagram, followers equal money! The more followers, the more endorsements, promotions etc. 



If you are interested in starting to make something similar, you can follow the guidelines and tips in this article to the end.

Microblog Example:

How to Create a Microblog in Canva

Before getting into the technicalities of how to create Instagram carousel content in Canva, first read the little explanation below, or scroll down to skip to the technicals, right?

There are important things you need to pay attention to before creating content, because this will relate to increasing the number of audiences. Read more below.

1. Determine the Main Topic of the Microblog

Determining the main topic is important, because it relates to the level of trust your audience will have.

I have studied this several times and it is proven to be true. Your topic can be about: Parenting, Motivation, Travelling, Fashion, Tutorial or Investment etc.

Psychologically, the audience is more likely to trust an account that discusses one topic consistently and deeply, rather than one that posts various topics.

You must understand that each topic has its own audience.

Sebagai example:

On Instagram, you consistently upload content about fashion, so I as your audience will remember and believe whatever you post about fashion.

Starting from tutorials, color combinations, tips on choosing clothes, accessories and various things about fashion.

If suddenly you make posts about gadgets, fitness, politics (mixed up) of course this will confuse the audience and lower their trust.

You will find it difficult to have a loyal audience or followers later.

With a consistent topic, your opportunity to increase the coffers of income will open, you can open endorse regarding fashion products.

In my opinion, the main topic is one of the powerful branding methods.

2. Setting up a Microblog Content Concept

When you want to start creating content, you need to prepare a content concept to attract the audience, follow the steps below:

To create the first content, you don't need everything original from your thoughts, try to find inspiration from blogs or websites using search engines. Read 3-5 blogs on the same topic.

Then make a summary according to your version, of course more concise and clear. But if you want to quote their content, that's fine, but include the source in your post to appreciate their work.

If the main topic is traveling, then you can make derivatives of your main topic such as: Equipment for traveling, advice when traveling, tips for traveling in Jogja, and so on regarding traveling.

3. Create Interaction In Microblog

Generating lots of comments and likes is certainly your goal, because the more comments, the greater the chance to go viral. The plus point of going viral is the explosion of visitors or followers!. One of the ways you can interact with readers is as follows:

  • Make your content look attractive, beautiful and neat. Charming visuals will be more interesting to look at.
  • Creating a discussion on each content will also increase the credibility of your post. You can provoke readers' questions by inserting a question at the end of the post.
  • Also share behind-the-scenes posts, if you review food, you can also share photos of activities in addition to the final results of your post.
  • make CTA (call to action) such as, like, share, and comment on the last slide or your caption.

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4. Creating Visual Views for Microblog

I've mentioned several times that beautiful visuals make it easier to get Instagram visitors.

Creating a good microblog appearance is quite easy.

You only need a few templates, which can then be modified.

For templates, you don't need to make your own, use the following tools to beautify the appearance of your microblog content.

  • Google Slide
  • Power point
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • canva (Recommended) read the guide here:

Creating Microblog Content (Instagram Carousel in Canva)

Canva is a very popular Australian-made design site. You can use it for free, but with limited features.

To enjoy the premium features, you can use two ways:

  • First, by inviting friends to use Canva via the referral link. That way you get a full premium feature prize.
  • Second, by using the trial version, you can enjoy 30 days of premium features. But don't forget to cancel the subscription 3 days before the trial period ends. (This is what I apply, hehe I want premium but free). After canceling, register again using another email account. Oh yes, prepare an online debit card or credit card.

Before creating microblog content, there are things you need to know. Namely the dimensions of the length and width of the image, this affects the appearance that you post on Instagram.

Recommended dimensions:

  • 1080 x 1080 PX

  • 1080 x 1350 PX

The higher the resolution of the image, the clearer and cleaner the image will be.

If the goal is to be posted on Instagram, then the second resolution will be more optimal. Check out the steps below:

1. Sign Up and Login to Canva

login to the canva website

Go to the website, then register using your email.

After registering, you can directly login. Then you will see the main Canva web interface as above.

For those of you who don't use a laptop, you can use the apps.

Search and download Canva via the Android Playstore or Apple Play Store.

Just choose whichever is easiest to do. Because there is no difference between the Mobile app and the web version.

2. Choose a Microblog Template in Canva

After entering the main page, you can hover your cursor in the upper right corner. Choose a template.

how to create a microblog in canva

After hovering over the template, you can see it in the social media column. Select Instagram post, just choose which one best fits the topic which you will write.

choose a template

As I said before, if you use the premium version, you can enjoy all the templates without any limitations.

If the free version of course many templates that can not be used.

3. Editing Content in Canva

edit content on canva

Once you have selected a template, you need to edit it according to a predefined topic. The image above can explain a bit how to edit your content.

The editing process in Canva is very easy, just like using MS Power Point.

Very simple, you can also use copy paste instead.

  1. Resize – To adjust the dimensions of the resulting image, if you like 1080 x 1080 (square) then there is no need to resize.
  2. Copy & resize means you make duplicate images with different sizes.
  3. Element - Element is a tool for adding images, illustrations and shapes.
  4. Text – To change the font used. Tip: Use the Sans Serif font family and the like.
  5. Add Page – Adds the next slide page.
  6. Download – Download the edited results in a format that you can specify. The recommended format for images is PNG. With PNG images are not easily broken and tend to be clearer.

There are thousands of design templates that you can use in Canva without worrying about copyright, because in Canva everything is provided free to use or commercialize.

Fonts / Letters – There are many fonts that can be used today, but the font that is suitable for improving UX (user experience) is a typeface font Without. Many have proven that the sans type font matches the background of any image.

Download Free Microblog Templates

For those of you who are interested in a free template like the example below, you can download it directly at no cost 100% free. You can get this template for free out there, but I tried to collect it so that it is easier for you to download.

sample template for instagram microblog

templates for creating instagram blogs

templates for creating instagram blog content

free templates

Blog Potential [ Not Only Instagram ]

As a generation in the digital era, we must and must use technology intelligently and wisely. Using Instagram as a medium for personal branding is the right choice.

However, it must be admitted that if your goal is to monetize Instagram such as endorsements and advertisements, you can also try to use blogs as your means of support.

I recommend articles about blogs and how to monetize them.

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Is Microblog Only On Instagram?

At this time there are many social media that you can use to publish posts of this type of carousel, including: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. You can also use social media to create microblogging there.

Closing Event

That's the article on how to create microblog content on Instagram with Canva.

Next is to use social media platforms for positive things. Many people want to be famous but are not famous.

The best way to be famous is the road of achievement. That's enough and thank you…

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