15 Side Jobs You Can Do at Home

During the pandemic, everyone is required to stay at home. There are many things you can do to increase your income. One of them is to do a side job.

There are many side jobs to choose from.

But it's a good idea to choose one that matches your passion and work time. So that the main work can still be prioritized, it is necessary to sort out which jobs we can do.

The following is a list of side jobs that you can try, to fill your time and increase your income while at home.


Even though it's a sideline, you must have a sense of responsibility. So that what you have done, is not in vain and drains capital.

15 Side Jobs You Can Do at Home

Well, in addition to knowing the reasons and also the advantages of pursuing a side job that can be done at home, it is necessary to know more about the types of side jobs themselves. Knowing the type or idea of ​​a side job well will help in determining what job you will eventually choose.

For those of you who live in Batam, I have written it here: Business Opportunities in Batam.

Here are some side job ideas that can be done at home and can be an option if you want to earn extra income:

1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog is one of the side job opportunities that can be done at home

For those of you who like to write and share inspirational stories or the latest information, this type of side job can and is suitable to do. The type of blog that can be chosen as a forum for writing can be from free websites such as blogspot and wordpress to other paid websites.

Still not sure if the blog is still profitable? Please read the facts here: Opportunity to Become a Blogger.

So that your blog is more unique and visited by readers, you can overcome this by writing special topics according to the theme or things you like.

For example, if you like things related to cooking, then the type of information shared can be in the form of recipes, reviews of cooking tools, getting to know Indonesian spices and so on.

In addition, choose and use the most frequently searched or popular keywords, so that later the posts made will appear on the first Google search page.

So, how do you make your blog make money? The answer is to rent out advertising space on blog pages which are provided with high traffic or number of visitors.

In addition, including affiliate links can also be another way to earn money from blogs. Affiliate links usually lead to products that match the type of information written in the blog.

The potential of blogs is extraordinary when occupied. There have been many successful financially free and leave the main job, because the income from the blog is more than enough.

  • An example of an Indonesian blogger who opens his income from a blog is Herman Yudiono. In his book, he shares how to make 670 Million from blogging.
  • Abroad there is Neil Pattel: Income from his blog reaches 1 Million USD.

And there are still many real examples, which you can find information about right now. So when are you going to work casually plus get passive income?

Confused about how to create a blog? calm down, I've written it specifically for you at: How to create a blog in 7 practical steps.

Besides that, you can also explore how how to make money from a blog here, or search in the top right corner.

2. Become a Freelance Writer

The next job that can be done at home is being a freelance writer. As the name implies, this type of work is almost similar to writing a blog but usually has a special theme depending on the order from the owner or the party who ordered the written content.

In addition, this freelance writer has a very flexible working time and can be arranged according to his abilities.

Running a side job as a freelance writer is not difficult, you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection to research the theme of the written content that will be created.

Recommended sites to become a freelance writer:

  • Sribulancer – For those of you who already have a record of writing on famous sites. Trying to be a writer on this site is highly recommended. Because the fee offered can reach IDR 300.000 per 1000 words.
  • Projects.co.id – Recommended for those of you who are just starting to become a freelance writer. The requirements to register and verify are not as difficult as in sribulancer.

3. Creating & Selling Digital Works

Who says the ability to use gadgets can't produce. Currently all the works that you make through Laptops, Cellphones and Cameras can be sold.

You can use the digital marketplace to sell your works. But really, what is a digital marketplace?

If you have digital works, such as designs, ebooks, photos, videos or audio.

You can also sell it on a digital specialist marketplace. Then the client will usually buy your work through the marketplace.

However, to be able to sell your work on the marketplace, your digital work must pass the manual screening stage first.

You could say, the products available in the digital marketplace are quality products.

Meanwhile, digital marketplaces that have been used by many people are:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Shuttershock

Domestic marketplace:

  1. P-store
  2. Projects.co.id

4. Making Jingles

make jingles

Have a hobby of music and often compose songs? If you fall into that category, then making a jingle is one of the side job ideas that can be done at home.

Besides being fun, the jingles made will also be of high value or exclusive, you know, which can be used or chosen by well-known companies to market their products or activities.

To make a jingle, the process is almost the same as making a song. However, the most important thing and needs to be considered is that it must be made in various versions and in large quantities, then don't forget to share or publish it through social media or personal websites. It is intended that, prospective clients can easily see the results of the jingle work that has been made.

5. Opening a Food PO for Complex Residents

It sounds trivial, but actually the idea and opportunity for a side job that can be done at home is very likely to make a profit.

There are several ways this can be done:

  • Make dishes according to the daily menu. Create Documentation of every dish made. Then try to upload it to the whatsapp group of one house complex, offer the menu that we cooked that day. So all you need to do is cook with extra portions.
  • Making Snacks – This one can be done by making the product directly. But make sure the product is one that has a long enough durability.

6. Create a Podcast

Love to talk and share stories? Making a podcast, might be an alternative side job idea that can be done at home.

One of the platforms that can be used as a place to publish podcasts is Spotify. Don't get me wrong, even though Spotify is usually used to listen to songs, the number of podcasts spread in it is already very large and of course you can listen to it for free.

You can choose various types of podcast content according to your own interests and preferences, for example, horror story content, romance stories, life problems, or domestic life content.

Podcast is content that is easy to create, don't imagine like Dedi Corbuzier's podcast.

It is enough to raise simple topics, such as point of view of events for Person A and Person B. Trust that you will find your own interest.

Recommended Sites for starting a podcast:

  • Spotify
  • Joox
  • Google Podcast

7. Build a Youtube Channel

Almost similar to podcasts, if you like to talk and review something, then the idea of ​​a side job that you can do at home is to build a Youtube Channel.

The basic difference from podcasts on Spotify and Youtube is the form, if podcasts are more audio, then Youtube includes audio-visual forms.

Keep in mind, that if you want to build a Youtube Channel, you must have basic editing skills to edit youtube content that will be created later.

The type of content that will be created is the same as the Spotify podcast, which can include anything. Starting from reviews of electronic products, home furnishing products to beauty products, then there are tips and tricks, to the latest and updated information.

So, how do you make YouTube money? Namely, by embedding ads in every YouTube content that will be uploaded, the number of ads varies and can be regulated by yourself.

In addition, if the type of content to be created falls into the product review category, then be diligent in communicating with people who have businesses so that later they can get sponsors.

Need help finding ways to make money from youtube? I've written the method here: 6 Ways to Make Money from Youtube.

8. Selling Online

online shop

For the next idea, there is selling online. As we know, online shopping is a trend that is very popular.

Because in addition to the many discounts given, online shopping also makes it easier for everyone because they only need to choose the type of goods or products via mobile phones. You just need to wait at home until the items you buy arrive.

Any goods or products can be chosen to be sold online, through existing platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and so on.

One type of product that can be sold and does not require a lot of capital is to sell used clothes and pants or what is often called a thrift shop. But keep in mind, that this thrift shop product must remain in good condition and suitable for use.

Want to be more professional?

  • Create your own online shop, using an e-commerce website. Now you can make it at an affordable price. It only costs 2-3 million to create your own e-commerce.

9. Dropshipper Business

In addition to selling thrift shop products, becoming a dropshipper can also be chosen as an online business that does not take time.

This dropshipper applies if you do not have a large enough capital to sell the product, where the system applied is PO or pre-order.

So, prospective customers will pay first before the product to be purchased is included in the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping processes.

The cost needed can even be zero rupiah, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the items that will be dropped. So that consumers do not feel disadvantaged, because the goods they buy are in line with expectations. 

Confused how? Calm! I've written the guide here: How to dropship at Tokopedia with Suppliers from Shopee.

10. Freelance Graphic Design

Have design skills? So, becoming a Freelance Graphic Designer is the right choice. This type of work is certainly very lucrative and there are many opportunities.

Moreover, businesses in any field clearly need graphic design in marketing their products.

So that many clients order your graphic design, the first step you can start is to create various types of designs and publish them through the website as a client's basic portfolio to see the results of their design work.

Various websites such as portfolio.com or wix.com can be chosen as a place to publish the design results. In addition, try joining a freelance platform to find projects and clients who need graphic design for their business.

Recommended freelance sites that have many graphic design projects:

  • Freelancer.com – One of the largest freelancer sites in the world, currently there is an Indonesian version. There are millions of freelance vacancies there.
  • Latium.org – Overseas freelancer site that is quite worth it. Recommended for those of you who want to try freelance opportunities on overseas sites.

11. Creating a Website

The next opportunity is to create a website.

Yes, creating a website is a high-value side job, you know, because nowadays almost all businesses or companies have a website as a place or place to introduce the products or services they offer.

So, if you have the skills to create a website. You can find this job on freelancer sites. Don't be surprised, because there are so many vacancies for this type of work.

Recommendations for looking for this type of work:

  • Sribulancer
  • Projects.co.id
  • F

12. Create a Seminar or Webinars

the right way to monetize a blog

Have knowledge or knowledge in a certain field and want other people to also know it, maybe ideas and side job opportunities by making this seminar or webinar suitable to do.

Especially during a pandemic like today, people are more interested in attending online seminars, so the opportunity to pursue this field of work is very large.

For example, you can see the Instagram account @Jonathanend which regularly holds webinars to discuss finances or financial problems.

No need to set the tariff too high, the first time you do a webinar, you can make it free as a promo. In addition to calculating mental training and communication skills.

Take advantage of vid conference platforms such as:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • CloudX Telkomsel

13. Become an online tutor or tutor

The next idea and opportunity for a side job that can be done at home is to become a tutor or tutor online.

Now, since this pandemic requires students to study from home, this can be a very good opportunity to offer yourself as an online tutor.

Why is it considered a good opportunity? Because, the biggest problem for students in online learning at home is that they don't really understand how the material is given.

Being an online tutor or tutor is the right choice to replace the position of a teacher or instructor who doesn't have time or lacks in explaining the learning material. Besides having a more flexible teaching time, being an online tutor must also be adjusted to the field you understand, so that later the teaching and learning process is easier and more enjoyable.

Recommendations for becoming an online Guru:

  • Register at RuangGuru.com –
  • Using a personal website/blog

14. Filling Out Online Survey

During college, were you diligent in filling out surveys asked by your classmates? If so, then it can be a good choice of ideas to fill your spare time.

Unlike surveys during college, a side job filling out this survey will give you additional income through rewards in the form of points that you get after filling it out. These points can later be converted into money.

Exciting and fun isn't it? Well, if you want to participate as a survey filler and want to earn extra money, then you can visit various online survey sites such as YouGov Indonesia, SurveyOn, GlobalTestMarket, to ViewFruit.

Oh yeah I've also written a few sites online surveys that have been proven to pay. So don't miss it, it's pretty good to fill your spare time and increase money.

15. Affiliate Marketing (Secret People Can Get 300 Million from Home)

ideas and opportunities for part-time jobs that can be done at home

The last side job that can be done at home is Affiliate Marketing, or in simple language is product sales cooperation. This type of work, can be done without capital and only requires internet data.

How to do a job as Affiliate Marketing? It's easy, you just need to join the available Indonesian Affiliate program and register for free.

After completing registration, you will automatically get a banner or referral code that can be shared via personal social media. Later, if this referral code is used by someone else, then you will automatically get a commission or payment.

Site recommendations to become an affiliate marketer:

  • Accessstrade – Indonesian affiliate sites, the items that can be offered are usually everyday products
  • Niagahoster – In addition to being a hosting provider for wordpress blogs, commercial hoster provides the opportunity to become an affiliate. So this one you really need to try, Create a blog with a commercial hoster and get the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer with a 70% commission.

Closing Event

That's a variety of information related to ideas and side job opportunities that can be done at home. Besides being able to fill your spare time, guaranteed, you will get additional income that can meet the needs of daily life.

Not enough information above?

Please read about freelance work and salaries here: Definition of Freelance and Salary Range.

There is no need to be afraid or ashamed because having a side job means that you are more forward-thinking in living life, especially in looking for opportunities to increase income.

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( jitendra.co). Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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