Blog Wallpaper – Understanding and Its Potential to Increase Money

Welcome smart readers. In this article what I want to discuss is the wallpaper blog. Which is currently trending, because it has a pretty tantalizing appeal and potential.

Who doesn't like looking at pictures? The pictures that exist can make us feel entertained. Or it could even be a way to refresh the eyes and mind. You can find these interesting pictures on a wallpaper blog.

Understanding Blog Wallpaper

What is a wallpaper blog?

In simple terms, this type of blog focuses on the quantity and quality of images or photos rather than writing.

If on a regular blog, it is more important to write. With a minimum number of words must reach 300 words, (quality writing requirements according to SEO rules).

Most only contain a minimum word count of 50 to 150 words. While the rest is used to reproduce the image.

The pictures are not random.

The displayed image has a resolution of up to thousands of pixels. That way, it will make the image have sharp colors and details.

People will look for blog wallpapers to be used as profile photos, desktop backgrounds, smartphones, or even just for collections.

Benefits of Creating a Wallpaper Blog

Wallpaper blogs can be used as a reference to find illustrated images for an article. And the wallpaper blog can also be used as a place to show off camera shots.

This is clearly a separate entertainment for many people. If you are aware, there is an opportunity to increase the coffers of income.

Currently a lot of blogs that resemble free image provider sites have sprung up.

Examples of large sites that provide and focus on images are:

  • Pexels – Pexel is a website that provides premium photos with very high resolution. You can download photos there as much as you want, without worrying about copyright.
  • Unsplash – On this website, you can find not only photos. You can find illustrations and download them for free there.
  • Pixabay – Pixabay is more like an unsplash, because it's not the only photo you can find there.
  • Shutterstock – This website provides the most complete options. Very suitable for those of you who are struggling to become content creators. Available images, videos, editing options and much more. This wallpaper blog, the weakness for Indonesians is (must pay a subscription fee).

The four examples of these sites focus on images.

So, when you visit the site, you will only find very little writing on the site.

Very contrast with blogs in general.

Advantages of Having a Wallpaper Blog

The advantages of this type of blog are usually on the owner's side.

By creating this blog, blog owners have the opportunity to:

1. Showing off his work.

Whether it's in the form of camera shots, or images in vector format. It is suitable for those of you who have graphic design skills.

2. One way to build personal branding.

In the digital age, everyone is competing to use the Internet. Make yourself known by creating a blog that contains pictures and photos of your own work.

3. Increase Income

There are many ways you can do to increase your income.

  • Display Adsense ads.
  • Create a Premium membership.
  • Selling photos and designs.

The third point is indeed the underlying reason for some people to build a wallpaper blog. But in my eyes, relying on adsense is not a wise choice. Because there are many consequences and rules from the Adsense side.

Interested in creating a blog like this? See how HERE.


You already know what a blog wallpaper is, here's its potential. But I realized that not everyone has the skills in the field of photography.

Another option is to create a regular blog to add side income. Besides not being too time consuming, writing an article for a blog is not difficult.

If you are interested, and want to know how a blog can make money. This article is the solution: How to Create a Blog (make money) in 7 practical steps.

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