What is Personal Branding? Understanding and Strategies to Build It

As millennials, we are faced with a digital era that makes everything easier, but the competition is getting tougher. We are required to move fast in order to compete, building a good personal branding must start now, so that our competitiveness will be even greater.

Imagine there 90 Million millennial generation in Indonesia..

Have you realized, many skills and skills that you master, not only you have? I'm also sure you've also been searching for idea, what work can you do at the moment.

It's up to where you want to come from, whether it's working for a company, ., independent business / business. The most important thing is to work and earn.


But unfortunately I have to say, it's all also difficult to do with the condition that no one knows who you are.

But don't worry, difficult doesn't mean you can't, you can start from now on to build your brand so that it is better known.

With personal branding, you can start a few steps ahead of competitors. Because by building a personal brand you have increased the opportunity to be known more first than others.

Interested in starting to build a personal brand?

Let's discuss one by one starting from the definition, reasons and ways to build a solid brand for yourself.

Understanding What is Personal Branding

According to Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), the richest person in the world is no. 1.

“Personal branding is what people see and talk about you when you are no longer in the room.”

I translate it using an analogy like this:

When you are in a room for a presentation, people will first recognize you as a representative of a business, then what people will remember about you is the business you brought.

However, when you are in the room, you make a stunning presentation, complete with language that is easy to understand, detailed and rich in content. Then the business brand that you carry will slowly retreat behind your personal name.

In that room people start trying to remember what your name is! It's no longer the company name in their heads.

That's roughly the meaning of personal branding.

Talking about your own brand, what do you know about the brand? is it just a trademark? Find the answer below.

Brands Can Take Any Shape

If you used to think that a brand would be like:

“Aqua, Sanyo, KCF, etc”

Now it's different from the conditions, where everything can be used as a brand, including your own name.

So, until here, you can remember and imagine what brand you are attached to?

What will people remember when they talk about you? Will you be known as an expert accountant, drafter, programmer, sales, engineer or freelancer?

The answer is you know yourself, you can look in the mirror and assess roughly what characteristics other people have pinned on you.

Be careful in maintaining your self-image, start improving your behavior, speech, and appearance

Why should you build a personal brand?

Personal branding is made not only for business. To build a self-image in professional work career life is also highly recommended.

By now I'm sure you already know where 90% of the recruitment process for a company is done online.

Imagine if recruiters dig up information about you on the internet, it turns out that what they find is not your quality and your skills, but even a lot of unimportant writings, even hate specs.

Things that seem trivial will be a problem right?

On the other hand, the more expertise you share online, the greater the chance to benefit from it.

There are many benefits that will be obtained when you build a personal brand, see the full benefits below.

1. Better Known As Professional

Who doesn't want to be recognized by others with our expertise, as a full-time worker when you have built a good brand, invitations for interviews are getting faster and easier. Due to the fact that recruiters prefer active and creative individuals.

They can be secretly curious about your profile, so make sure what they find on the internet is of your qualities and abilities.

2. More Confidence

Personal branding will make you more confident. In the process of building self-image, you will meet a lot of criticism from others.

But don't be a coward, accept constructive criticism from them. When else have a personal corrector, it's free again!. After passing that stage, believe that your self-confidence is much improved compared to before.

3. Become a Visionary Person

So far, lots of people have just joined in doing this without having a clear purpose. But after you set a vision, you will be more focused on doing what you have planned.

Of course, your skills and passion will not be the same as others. So by building a personal brand, you will have a filter, what to do and what not to do.

4. Easy to Build Business

Let's take the example of Tesla or SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, people know Elon Musk better as a person who is extraordinary, intelligent and never fails in managing his company.

Once his name is heard around the world, in the future when he will start a new company, it will be as easy as turning hands because people have recognized the “Elon Musk” Brand. People believe whatever Elon Musk will manage will work.

That is the effect of a well-developed personal brand.

5. Personal branding Increases Trust

Usually if someone's personal brand is good, the level of trust is also high. With high Trust, you can influence other people easily.

Because in general, people with high trust hear their audience's words, their suggestions are always followed and their followers' requests/what they offer are always obeyed.

Haven't become anyone we need to build a brand?

This question had also bothered me while writing this article, but after I read more references, the answer is very necessary.

Sharing ideas and information in your area of ​​expertise creates a community of its own with like-minded people and similar interests.

Tips for Building a Good Personal Brand

Building a personal brand with long-term goals needs to be done in a good way and through careful planning. So that you live it is not under pressure, and tiring.

So keep enjoying but seriously...

1. Be Yourself

being yourself is one of the best ways to build a brand

Imagine if you have to build a self-image with a fake appearance and character. You have to act, behave, speak even in all aspects that are completely different from who you are.

Maybe if you read in some other articles, the way to build a good personal brand is to show what other people want to see.

But it's all fake!

Indeed, everyone can still have confidence in what you show. But in the long term you will be tired and tired because you continue to display falsehood.

Personal branding should be a reflection of yourself, not what other people want to see.

It does take time to be able to understand yourself, but when you have found a strong understanding of yourself. You will enjoy doing it.

2. Learn to speak in a professional environment

Talking is one way to build your own personal brand

Try talking in professional forums, share your ideas and experiences about your work. Show that you are an expert in the field. And keep in mind you must be brave and confident in conveying your ideas.

Yes, although later not all will agree with your idea. There will be criticism, that's not the problem it should be. Instead, take it as constructive input.

Instead you should be grateful to those who want to criticize you. By openly accepting criticism, the steps to move forward are getting better.

Criticism is free correction for one's own good.

3. Build a Personal Brand Online

build self-image online

Building a brand online means that you are obliged to monitor and continue to develop it continuously. You need to constantly improvise. So that the process of building your brand is successful.

You are required to have questions such as the following while building a brand online.

  • Do you have social media accounts?
  • If so, does your account display any information about you?
  • In your social media account already present yourself as a professional?
  • Have you used quality photography?
  • Do you interact with other people and share content with each other?
  • You already have a professional website?

One great way to be found online is to build a personal website/blog. Because with a website you have more control over your online presence.

And it will be very good if you can provide content that matches the skills you have.

Especially now that domain and hosting prices are getting cheaper, so it never hurts to build a personal website to build your personal brand.

Like this website, I created it specifically to express what I want to write. Also aims to promote themselves through writings.

Next, try to search your name on search engines. Pay attention to what appears about your name in search results. Make sure you have eliminated all negative activities that have a digital track record.

search results build personal branding on the internet
Name search results on Google

4. Open To Learn New Things

It is important to be open to new things, because in truth we do not know which path will lead us to success.

Not necessarily the current job will last forever. Changes in the type of work are getting faster. Ten years ago there was no online shop, now there are thousands.

Trends like this you need to be aware of and follow, the knowledge that we understand today must be upgraded, and updated. So that in the future it remains relevant and ready to face the changing era.

It takes time to build a personal brand. If you can't stay committee, all your efforts will be in vain.

But when your brand is known, new opportunities will come to you. People will begin to see that you do understand what you are saying.

Strategy to Build Personal Brand Online

The important point that I want to note here is to do branding online. With the convenience of this digital era, it's a shame if you don't use technology to support your self-image.

Building a Personal Brand does take time. It takes consistency and sacrifice, be it time, energy and thought.

But after successfully building your own personal brand, business opportunities and professional employees will be very easy.

In building a personal brand, you should prepare the steps you will take. You can make a strategic scheme.

What should be done in a certain period of time.

For example, you can make it a list of lists and targets like the following.

1. Start Building a Brand

Starting the process of building a personal brand online means you need to define a platform. Can be with any media including social media such as LinkedIn, as well as with a personal website.

Actually there are many methods that can be done to build a personal brand online. For social media that you can use, what I recommend is Linkedin.

But there is one weakness that I realized there, what they prioritize to discuss in the linkedin community is Business to Business. Not customer to customer. But it's still okay if your goal is to attract recruiters.

For those of you who work as freelancers, currently the best solution and media that you can use is a personal website.

You can display a more professional impression, especially if the domain name of your website comes from your own name. Example: Merryriana.com.

Considering that currently creating a website is very affordable, you can make this option the right choice. Starting from Rp. 250.000 per year, you can have a personal website. Not sure? please check it yourself Niagahoster.

Advantages over other website providers:

  • Very good security
  • 70% discount for new customers
  • Free to choose the domain you want
  • Customer service 24 hours online and friendly ready to help your problems.

If you want to use a platform other than wordpress, this article can help. Best blogging platform for free.

niagahoster to create a personal website
Create a personal website

With your own website you can also make money while building branding with your writing.

This article explains how you can earn money from your personal website/blog. How to make money from personal websites and blogs.

2. Writing Articles

Once you have a website, you need to write content that fits your area of ​​expertise. Share even if the knowledge is small.

Make a description that makes people who read your content believe that the content is made by people who really understand what they are writing.

Likewise when you use Linkedin, write about your work. Share a solution to a problem you face in your scope of work, of course.

Making relationships with influencers who are quite famous on LinkedIn, in the artist world it is called social assistance. You can start from following, liking and diligently commenting on their posts. Make them aware of your presence first.

You will know how come when the time is right, you can send them a private message to convey the intent and purpose.

3. Promote Your Work

After creating good content, and according to your expertise, do you immediately get readers?

The answer is no, you need to share what you've been working on. Use social media to cross-promote it. Use social media A to promote your writing on social media B, and so on.

Join a community that is in the same business or job as you, because from there you can promote your skills, as well as get inspired what else you will create.

4. Audit and Monitor

You need to monitor and observe how far your audience is engaged with your writing. Immediately correct if you are in a stagnant condition. You need to improvise to achieve satisfactory results.

Closing Event

As a future investment, branding yourself is important. Even if you don't feel it in the near future, believe me you will feel it tomorrow.

Don't worry about presenting yourself, because you will find fans and connoisseurs of your ideas, thoughts and writings. In the future, this is a long-term investment that will make your career and business path easier and more recognizable.

Keep working to improve your personal brand, and congratulations on starting your first step to building a better future through personal branding.

Have a good fight...

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( jitendra.co). Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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