Achieving Digital Business Success on the Internet With Hosting Indonesia

In the era of rapid technological development as it is today, the majority of people are technology literate. Although not all of them are proficient, at least they understand that the role of the internet has changed a lot of human behavior.

Changes in behavior themselves can be found easily nowadays where people who used to have to go out of the house to shop, now don't have to do it because they can already take advantage of the existence of e-commerce platforms.

Not only that, now making money via the internet can also be done very easily. Where we can take advantage of the marketplace platform or create our own marketplace site.

By doing so, we can reach a wider range of potential buyers, considering that the potential for Internet users in Indonesia reaches 85% of the total population.

Success Can Be Achieved By Utilizing The Internet

Currently, the digital world cannot be underestimated because the digital world has a very large role for the business world.

If ten years ago we only relied on offline media to develop our business, today this is not the case.

Currently, we can take advantage of both. In fact, when we only rely on the digital world, the business we run can still run.

There are already many examples that prove it, and inspirational stories can be found easily.

Therefore, it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that success can be achieved by using the internet, because the internet has been proven to be able to lead someone to achieve business success.

And even during a pandemic like today, the role of the digital world is very much felt. In fact, most business activities rely on the digital world to support their performance, such as remote work meetings using Zoom. Therefore, before others achieve success thanks to the help of the internet, we must start first.

Things You Must Prepare

Previously, it was mentioned that to achieve success in this technological era, we can use the internet by selling on the marketplace or on our own website. Some choose to sell on the marketplace only, and some choose to sell on their own site.

However, a wise step that we can take is to sell on both platforms. By selling on both platforms, the opportunity to earn is much greater. In addition, by having your own website, the business that we are running will also look more professional in the eyes of buyers and potential buyers.

For those of you who want to create your own website so that your business runs smoothly, there are several things that must be prepared.

And the thing to note is that in making a site, you don't have to understand the IT world, because you only need to know what is "needed" for the site to successfully launch to the public. And here are some things to prepare:

1. Domain

Domain is a unique name that serves to identify the name of the computer server. This domain name aims to make it easier to access a website address, rather than using a complicated number series known as an IP address as quoted from PANDI.

Simply put, if your site is like a house, then the domain is the address where the domain can replace a geographic address (IP address). The domain itself has several types, including .com, .net, .org, .info, .edu, and .id.

These types of domains are also known as TLDs (Top Level Domain).

Those of you who want to create a personal website to support the business you run are strongly advised to use the .com domain, because the domain is more familiar and easy for the public to remember.

When you have decided to use a .com domain, then you must also decide to choose the right name for the site. To be easily remembered by others, such as or

2. Hosting

What is Hosting? Definition, function, and how it works

Hosting is a place to store our site data such as files, images, and videos that can later be accessed via the internet. For this hosting, you can rent it monthly or yearly. And the cost of renting hosting itself depends on the capacity where the greater the capacity, the more expensive the hosting rental fee will be.

In addition to capacity, bandwidth also determines the rental price for hosting. Bandwidth is the value of data transfer consumption which is calculated in bits/second or bits per second (bps). So when the site we have has a lot of visitors every day, the bandwidth needed is also increasing.

Considering that the target visitors are Indonesians, it is obligatory to use Indonesian Hosting.

The more the server location, the better the website speed will be. In Indonesia itself, there are a lot of hosting providers.

But even though there are already many hosting providers, you have to be picky considering that each hosting provider offers different offers.

As for the highly recommended Indonesian hosting provider, you can use Qwords.

Apart from providing cheap hosting, Qwords has a good reputation and reliable support so that when the site encounters problems, problems will be quickly resolved.

Cheap hosting in Qwords itself, it is sold from Rp. 14 thousand per month to Rp. 86 thousand per month.

3. Choosing a Platform

For platforms, you can choose WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. However, from several platforms that have been mentioned, it is highly recommended to use WordPress.

Considering that this platform is the most widely used platform in the world, Indonesia is no exception.

In addition to being the most popular platform, WordPress also has many Freemium themes so you can change the appearance of your site as you wish.

It doesn't stop there, WordPress also has many plugins that can be installed, which will make site performance more capable.

One of the best plugins that you can install on WordPress is the WooCommerce plugin. By using WooCommerce, the finished WordPress look will turn into a full-fledged e-commerce site that can certainly support the business you run.

Creating a website like e-commerce is not a dream. Everything can be done in a matter of hours.

Indonesian & Quality Hosting the Key to Success on the Internet

Of the several things needed in making a site, hosting plays a very important role, because hosting affects the overall site performance. Therefore, choosing a quality hosting provider with reliable support is very important.

Currently, hosting rental prices are increasingly affordable. For the MSME business scale, a hosting capacity of 200 MB is sufficient. As for Qwords, with Rp. 14 thousand per month, you get a capacity of 3 GB.

However, so that the site that has been created is more qualified, choosing hosting at a price of Rp. 50 thousand per month is the right choice.

Even though you have cheap hosting, the opportunities for success are very wide open. So, not always cheap is cheap.

After the site has been successfully online, the next action we have to take is to promote the site that we have on various forums, and also on social media. In addition to online, you can also promote it offline.

Those are the steps that you can apply to achieve success via the internet. So in this era of technological development, which is the internet era, we should use it to start a business, support business, and expand business.

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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