About this Blog

About This Blog

Welcome to this blog, and thank you for visiting the About page of course. At first I made this about page into an author page.

However, in order to comply with the regulations required by Google this about page must still be created.

This blog focuses on the topic of Blogging and Online Business Tips. To be more extensive will be as below:

  1. Learn to Create a Blog with WordPress.Org
  2. Developing Blog (Increase Traffic)
  3. Making Money From Blogs (Internet)
  4. SEO Guide From Beginner to Experts
  5. Learn Business Online
  6. Success Inspiration Through the Internet

In general, it may seem broad in topic, because the topics above are trending topics and I like them, it's okay…

Even though all the information I post is made from research and data, it's a good idea to use other information as a comparison. So the point is don't just rely on one source.
Finally, for detailed information on the author of this blog, I have written it here: Author

This blog also does not close itself to criticism and suggestions for the progress and improvement of the contents of the content that is better in the future. To contact me, please send an email or fill out the form provided in the footer of this web.

Enjoy your visit… Updated on 05/02/2021
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