Tips for Success in Creating a WallPaper Blog

If in the previous article we discussed what it is wallpaper blog. Now it's time for us to discuss tips on making a wallpaper blog.

When you hear the word blog, you usually think of a website that contains a collection of articles that contain rows of words and sentences. Because in general, what dominates the content of the blog is the article. 

That's true, but the fact is that not all blogs are dominated by writing. There are also those that are dominated by pictures.

This kind of blog is called a wallpaper blog. Wallpaper blogs have a focus on images rather than text. Usually the content of the article is not based on one or two types of image topics.

There is a blog founder who mixes all topics and types of images on his wallpaper blog. There are also those that focus on only one topic.

Tips for Successfully Making a Wallpaper Blog

Check out the tips for making a successful wallpaper blog below.

1. According to Passion

To display beautiful and interesting works, of course the photos displayed in the blog gallery are quality photos. You also know that making quality photos is not easy.

But if what you do is passion, it will be more fun. Instead of your photos only stored on a computer disk, it's better to display it on your blog.

2. Using the Right Platform

The platform I mean is the blog platform that will be used. Currently there are many that you can choose as a platform to create a blog. But before choosing the right platform, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

For your information, in Indonesia the most popular platforms are wordpress and blogger. Each has advantages. But personally, I prefer wordpress, because with wordpress you don't have to think about coding or programming problems.

Plus now the cost of hosting and domain for wordpress is very affordable. Only around 200-600 thousand per year.

See here the comparison: Best Blog Platform Comparison.

3. Choosing the Right Hosting

Hosting is the server that will store your blog files. So you need to choose a good hosting performance. As you know, loading images will be heavier than just writing. So choosing hosting is very important.

There are several things to consider when choosing a hosting:

  • Performa
  • Diskspace
  • Uptime
  • Customer Service
  • Security
Depending on your future goals, if your goal is to become a successful blogger. Then you must use wordpress. The features provided by wordpress are very easy to use, even by people who are new to it.
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Does the Wallpaper Blog Have Many Visitors?

The tendency of wallpaper blogs is to have a lot of visitors, although no one can guarantee many visitors.

But the fact is, many people need digital images to be used as smartphone wallpapers. Visitors can be obtained from image search results.

Some of you would also like to have wallpapers of HD quality images or pictures of your favorite characters, right?
Well, that's the target of the wallpaper blog. In addition there are some people who just like to see a collection of pictures only. They are indeed looking for a collection of pictures, as inspiration or just for entertainment.
Examples of websites that provide images:

How to Make a Wallpaper Blog?

Creating a wallpaper blog can be said to be difficult but easy. This is because it is difficult to create quality images that many people like. On the other hand, templates that are suitable for making wallpaper blogs are hard to find.

Indeed, you can make it with any template (Blog Theme). But it will be more interesting if you use a template such as a grid or gallery.Generally, an article on a wallpaper blog contains at least 1o images and only about 200 words per article.

You can fill it with meme images from Facebook, take pictures of your surroundings or take royalty-free pictures from sites that provide free images.

To monetize, you can use Adsense. It should be noted, using Adsense is prone to invalid clicks. Google parties can be detected because of the number of clicks that occur on 1 IP.

The solution is, you can put the Adsense ad code on the side and heading only. With the risk of non-optimal income.

Is there any other way to make money blogging?

There are so many searches that you can go for make money from blog. Starting from affiliates, creating premium groups, or implementing premium content.

All of the above can produce, not just pennies but tens of millions per month. The key is execution or practice. Everything without practice is just theory and bullshit. Those are the tips for making a wallpaper blog, good luck...

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomadic lifestyle and founder of internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, coach, speaker and author of "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom" which has sold over 20.000 copies, worldwide & a contributor to "International Book Writers" Best selling Growth Hacking 2". He has trained 10.000+ digital marketing professionals to date and has held digital marketing workshops around the world. His main goal is to help people build businesses through digitization, making them realize that dreams will come true if you stay passionate. View portfolio ( Find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.

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